The Living Lab Seminar Co Director


Professor Anna Matthews and I were invited by Profs. Julia Jordan and Karen Goodlad to take on the leadership role of co-directing the Living Lab General Education Seminar in Fall 2017. Professor Goodlad has served as director of the seminar for 7 years, building the structure and culture of the seminar as a new program after the completion of the Living Lab grant period. Anna and I shadowed then director Prof. Goodlad’s leadership of the Spring 2018 seminar, then prepared and lead directly our first seminar in Spring 2019.

Anna and I have worked together to compile the many Living Lab seminar sites on the OpenLab into one central site with an archive that links to all the previous years seminars as well as the grant period of 5 years of fellowships. Anna and I worked with staff of the Faculty Commons to establish a new logo and title image for the seminar as part of our branding and communication efforts.

Letter of Support from Julia Jordan:

Letter of Support from Co-Director Anna Matthews:

 New Central Site for the Gen Ed Seminar

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Evidence: Living Lab Gen Ed Seminar – Jason Montgomery