Buildings and Grounds Committee College Council

I was elected to College Council as a Delegate at Large in Fall 2013. I served the full three year term on the Buildings and Ground Committee. In my first year on this committee I served as Secretary. In the second and third years I chaired the committee. I was also elected Vice-President of College Council in Fall 2015, serving both in this role as well as the chair of a committee, which is unusual, but as there were few willing candidates that year for this position I agreed to serve in both roles.

The major outcome of my time as chair of the committee was a report Reconsidering the Learning Environment that provides City Tech with a guide for future classroom renovations and construction based on scholarship and best practices. I also launched the  Building and Grounds Openlab site where B&G information can be centralized and disseminated to the college community. This site includes our working page on research on classrooms and learning environments.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes can be found here:

Sample Meeting Minutes: