The Internship Introduction

Hi my name is Jarrett Mcgirt. I am currently a senior attending the New York City College of Technology. I’ve been employed with Time Inc. as an intern for the past year. Time Inc. is a large multimedia publishing company located in New York. Time Inc. publishes various brands such as   cultural, sports, and entertainment magazines. Time Inc. is currently a publicly traded company. Time Inc. began in the 1920’s privately and became public after separating from it’s partnered communications company, Time Warner, in May 2014. In May 2014 Time Inc. launched an archiving project for it’s well known Fortune magazine. After launching the project I was hired as an intern in the digital content production department. Within the department I was trained to provide daily Q&A (quality assurance) for Fortune issues between the 1930’s and 2013. Recent news about Time Inc. indicates that the company strives to create demanding revenue after it’s separation from Time Warner.  The companies finances are up although it’s not as strong as it’s previous years.


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