Explanation and Breakdown of Design Elements Version 2

Based on the critiques i recieved in class about my three interpertations here is what ive changed since then. My first interpertation Im going to label “porthole” because of its design where a person is entrapped and can only view the outside through a porthole. what i’ve since change was made the music note more noticabley further into space. Fixing the depth and perspective.

My second interpertation of the quote im going to label “ child’s view” was a illustrative perception to convey obliviousness. Significant of present day battles with racism. Based on my earlier critiques ive since then fixed the bird house to be more apparent that it was falling . Not on the bird. But without the bird noticing.

For my third interpertation with the image i will label “picture frame” following my critiques i will enhance my design with more detail to display to the consumer or viewer that this is infact a picture on a wall by adding a nail and string and details to the backround to convey texture.