Visual Quote Project

The concept I choose used a movie named “The Joker”. There was a scene in the movie in which the clown saw a sign that said, “Don’t forget to smile!” When he was coming down a staircase. “And then I took my marker out of my backpack and daubed out the words forget to. I really liked that expression so I used it. However, I did not want to be too serious and serious, so I made a simple and colorful concept design so that I combined the seriousness expressed in the original film with my own funny elements, so as to become ordinary but meaningful.


The first concept I use the light color of the sky blue as the background color, I use the two form, a diagonal triangle in the corner, I use ladder as concerns to shapes, the concept of segmentation, use a circle for myself after a small sun and rainbows, the design of the sun I put some expressions on the above, the expression of color is serious, but the mouth of the expression is happy. So that’s two different kinds of biases, and I put them in the middle to form a focus.

Draft 2

Second concept I want to try some other elements in the inside, can fill the space, I am a little bit bigger to make these shapes can be connected, I separate two areas as fill, after the left drew two ghost expressions and clouds, in an animal to express the theme background under the picture, the right of the text color correction, I drew a below the text of the smiling face, This will make the font not obviously inappropriate.


In the last concept, I used a triangle area to put the main sun inside to from the focus, and then covered the font with horizontal lines, just like in the movie. I deleted some unnecessary elements to make the whole design have a three-dimensional feeling.

  • Sketch

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