Field Trip

For our field trip, we went to the Museum of the city of New York and saw various exhibits on the heritage of New York City’s diverse population. Works from exhibits pertaining to activism in the city caught my attention particularly.

red poster

This piece is a Rebel Arts Banner. It was designed by an organized socialist party of young artists who used this banner for their parades and marches. What caught my eye was the strong bright red used for this piece along with the illustration. Especially the middle figure who instead of being filled with white and outlined in red they are the opposite. To me, this almost forms a negative space of its own which draws my eye to it.

young lords poster

The next piece is a poster for the Young Lords Party, a civil and human rights organization whose mission was to fight for neighborhood empowerment and marginalized people. This poster struck me because of the simple repetition of the guns along with the strong pink color. The use of bold type within the guns along with the headlining also makes for a balanced composition. 

Peace walk

The final and my favorite piece is a flyer for the “Peace Illumination Walk”. It perfectly captures the psychedelic aesthetic of that time period. The way the funky text is arranged around the square provides a cool visual illusion of depth. Along with the composition of the main graphic having a vast amount of contrast between thick and thin lines.