About Me

Hello! I’m Jean-Alexander Lothian and I’m currently a graphic design student at City tech. 

I’ve always wanted to do something in the visual arts field. At first after watching cartoons so much as a child I wanted to do animation, but after doing it for about a year and seeing how long and arduous it was I decided it wasn’t for me. I figured illustration was more my speed at that point so that’s where I shifted to for my junior year of high school. Afterwards during my senior year after having a few discussions with some teachers and my parents I figured graphic design would be the best route for me job market wise and creatively. 

Being a visual arts lover I always liked graphic design but my affinity for it really grew during my senior year of high school. I was into fashion during that time so I began looking at older 80s and 90s magazines. But, instead of focusing on the clothes I found myself gazing at the layouts, use of type and graphics instead. Thus leading me into graphic design.