Hi, My Name Is Jonathan Lebron and I am a communication design major at City Tech.

I chose to become a communication design major because an idol of mine said he saw great things in me as I was sketching when I was waiting to meet this person, Who is this person? The Late and Great Stan Lee. Stan created a character near and dear to my heart who I identify with daily. That Character, The Amazing Spider-man. Stan’s characters taught me many life lessons. Such as the Fantastic Four teaching me about what it means to be a family. Ever since then I’ve been on a journey to go into the Comic Industry. Comics have such a huge impact on my life that I try to include them in my work as much as I can to stay true to who I am. I practice my skills and present them to current-day artists for Marvel and DC at signing events and have them critique my work. If I want to work in this industry I need to learn from those who are currently or have been employed by these companies. I also write to go hand in hand with my visuals, I’m always thinking of new ideas and illustrations so feel free to ask about the Comic world any time, as I feel l have some sort of power to give others this fun knowledge and in the words of Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, “With great power, there must also come great responsibility.”