Fourth Journal

I almost get surprised every day either from how the company is running and my supervisor’s coding skills. After I got the first project, I spend a lot of time and all my skills from school to build and develop it.   At the last week of the deadline. I finish all the design and code, then let Colin finish the back-end of the code. however, on the second day, after I send my work to Colin, he said to me that I used a lot of extra and not necessary code in the syntax it may cost the website load slower. He printed out a piece of the copy of my code and explain to me how to simplify my code. I am so confused at the beginning because some of the codes are learned from school but after his explanation, I understand that I just overuse the code I that I commonly use. The second thing he notices me is I need to organize my code better for later edit because almost no one can fulfill client project at the first time, they always ask us to fix things.

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