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We first use datetime to print the date and time in a nice format. we then create a variable called ‘now’ and store the result of in it. we then print the value of ‘now’. we extract each information month, day, year by printing each of them. we finally combined the nice format of the time and date.

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lab 1 description

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The objective was to run python on and complete python syntax in which tip calculator was part of the exercise. We do what is instructed on the left panel. First we declare the variable (meal) and assign it’s value (44.50). Next step is to create the variable (Tax) 6.75% and set it equal to the decimal value which is 0.0675. We then proceed and create the variable (Tip) to decimal value of 15% in which is 0.15. Then it instruct us to reassign the variable (meal) to the value of its self (44.50 + 44.50 and multiply by the tax 0.0675). Finally now that (meal) has the cost of the food and tax we assign a new variable (Total) = (meal + meal) * (tip). The result was 54.63.

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