Fall 2022 Culmination Project Reflection

Project Reflection

Above is my Project Reflection on my experience throughout this semester.

Despite how big of an endeavor this turned out to be, I would definitely do it all again if I had to. Culmination gave me much to be thankful for and challenged me to push myself in ways I normally fall flat. I could not have done it without the support of many awesome people. I now see I am capable of much more than I thought, and I even have an awesome project to be proud of.

Fall 2022 Culmination Project Group Photo

Attached is a photo of my wonderful friends who took part in this project. There is one missing (Nicholas) because he played a minor character role in the project and was not present for this larger recording session. I didn’t want him to sit around and waste his time, and forgot to get a picture with him for the portfolio. (Rest assured, he is also very cool)

We took this photo at the end of our recording session. It was midnight and everyone was very tired.

Fall 2022 Culmination Project Advisor Meetings


Attached is my completed Technial Advisor Meeting Sheet.

I met with my advisor, Jessica Creane, several times throughout the semester and at many important junctures her wisdom proved invaluable for the project.

I had taken two of Jessica’s classes, although I forget the first one, the most important one was her Nonlinear Narrative class. Of course, it was very convenient I had taken this class before deciding to design a Nonlinear Game in Culmination the very next semester! I really enjoyed her teaching style and felt I had formed a good enough relationship with her to ask her to aid me in this process. Thankfully, she agreed!

Fall 2022 Culmination Project Storyboard

Above is the original storyboard that I drew for my Culmination Project.

I ended up adhering very closely to this blueprint. You can see how early in production this is where it says “Norin talking to (undecided)” as I hadn’t even finished deciding the cast at this point.

Tokiwa was a character cut from the project, as well as the final scenes of them discussing the quests ahead of them at length. The piece was already running on pretty long, as I had timed myself reading through the script for approximation before we recorded anything.

I also ended up not being able to spend time animating the text to scroll in the exact way I wanted to. The visual aspects of the game were more experimental, as I wanted to take up the otherwise empty screen real-estate with interesting formats of dialogue. I was unsure how it would look in the end, but never got to test my ideas.

Fall 2022 Culmination Project Script


Above is the link to the actual script that I wrote for my Culmination Project. There are a handful of drafts, the first one dating back to last semester when I previously took this course and didn’t finish it. There are a few minor differences within the final few drafts.

Feel free to give it a look through on what myself and the actors worked with behind the scenes!

Fall 2022 Culmination Project Character Profiles


Above is the link to the Character Profiles for the characters that feature in my game.

A lot of forward thinking and laying the groundwork for future story happened in my project. A few setups for things that don’t get fully explained within the “Intro” to the game happen, so here is a link to the more in-depth story of the characters featured.

Fall 2022 Culmination Project Proposal

Jared Holness Fall 2022 Culmination Project Proposal

Attached is my Culmination Project Proposal, that I wrote at the very beginning of this semester.

The project goals (and outcomes) remain consistent, but I did not end up using a few of the things I originally listed in my budget. I did not end up using Envato, Twine, or Riverside in the project.

I did not use Envato because I learned that I did not need to actually have the rights to anything I needed, I just had to follow regular School Project copyright concerns and properly cite all the things I used.

I did not use Twine because I did not get too deep into the nonlinear aspect of my nonlinear game (unfortunately).

I also did not use Riverside because I realized I would not need to pay money for a program to record locally on my friend’s computers when I can just make them install Audacity for free.

I also did not end up sticking to my deadlines created in my schedule AT ALL. Due to many personal struggles throughout the semester I fell behind, but managed to catch up at the end.