About Me

Greeting, my name is Jordan Hill and I’m a current student at City Tech

                  Growing up I was always facinated by three things, comics, video games, and Anime. These things inspired me to draw random characters using characteristics of characters from the games i played, comics I read, and the Dragon ball Z episodes i watched. In high school, which was York Early College Academy, there wasn’t an art class or art club so the amount of time i put into drawing decreased as the amount of work i received grew to mountain heights.  I became a city tech student to get back into drawing and even get better.

                 The goal I have is to be able to create something that people would enjoy. I had always enjoyed watching animation, reading comics and playing games, so the idea of creating at least one of those for others to enjoy is something i would feel good about. I would like to be able to create entertainment that could vary from a multimillion dollar game to a simple youtube animation with only 10 views. This and the enrichment of my artist skills would be a good accomplishment on its own.