Jessica Hernandez

Graphic Designer

Cooper Hewitt



This is a textile. It was designed by Barbara Brown andmanufactured by Heal Fabrics. It is dated 1969 and we acquired it in 2007. Its medium is cotton and its technique is screen printed on plain weave. It is a part of the Textiles department.

This one stood out to me the most because the designer made it seem three-dimensional by just creating verticle lines. The lines get lighter in value as it is meeting in the center. This reminds me of my project 3 with the value scale because for my ink value, I chose to do  verticle lines and it looked somehow similar to this.


These are some paintings I’ve done in High School for an art show. We had to pick a theme and a medium that we are most comfortable with. My theme was Flowers and Women and for my medium I chose to paint with acrylic on canvas.




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