A Day In the life


I wanted to explain something that I feel that really resonates in all of us. Life can get exhausting at times. Dealing with people 24/7 is like having a job that you can’t quit. But we need to remember the people or things we can do that make us feel alive. World keeps going while you’re with this person and everything else just seems small. They can bring peace with their presence. We need to put our value towards things that can’t be bought with money like the sunset, fresh air, or love. I made this video about my dog lily, who grew up in an abusive home when she was a pup. Early on I thought she would never come around to liking me but now she’s on me like glue. I thought I was the one who was going to help her heal but every time I see her I feel at peace. She heals me.



I wanted to bring attention to the idea of what human nature is and why it seems so complicated. A lot of people say that life and all the situations it brings are shades of grey, but what if we boiled it down to just a choice. Everyday we all wake up and make thousands of choices for ourselves without realizing them all. Only stopping to realize the ones that caused us the most stress or joy.  If we were more conscious of every small choice we made we would soon realize how much of those choices only benefited ourselves. When we start making choice that benefit us and the people around us, that’s when we’ll see a change in our environment. In most cases people were brought up with this mentality that everyone around them is their competition. This kind of thought process can only go downwards for everyone, we’ll only work for ourselves and won’t actively try to support those around us. We’ll become greedy, selfish, and insensitive to the problems of the world and only see our own personal problems. A choice to lend a hand or share with a stranger can snowball into something we have never experienced before. We already know what happens when we don’t help, so why not choose to help.


From the bustling streets of New York City, USA, Jason Griffin is a natural when it comes to captivating his audience.  With a silkiness to his voice that can reach the very deepest heartstring, Griffin’s sound is a rare kind of pleasure to experience due to its elegance in expressing the complexity of human emotion.

I was  able to develop into an artist with a deep understanding of his own style, not only in music but in art design as well.  To be more willing to collabate with other people on creative projects, the main reason for me taking this class. Alberto Giacometti says art shouldn’t aim to reproduce reality but create a reality of the same intensity.  I don’t have a preferred design process or project that I would like to do, but I’m willing to be open minded to learning all the different types of media in design.

Logo and Banner





The theme for both my logo and banner is about Individuality. The most important part of creating something is making sure everything about comes from you. As artist we Influence and collaborate all the time with each other but what we make should have our finger print on it. No one can have the same vision as you, no one can ever replicate your work to the degree that you make it. That is a beautiful thing in my eyes. Knowing that whatever you create will always be yours is an Incredibly inspiring thing to know. Sometimes when  we see something work for someone else we think to ourselves that maybe we should follow suit and the same outcome will happen for us. But the truth is that what worked for someone else may not work for us. So came the idea of “ME.INC” and the quote on the banner “Stand Out or Die”. We can’t rely on the world to give our work meaning, we have to give it meaning.  We’re not on the trends, we’re the trend starters.


Visually Enhanced Quotes


Out of all of my visually enhanced quotes, this version is my personal favorite. The font I
used was Bodoni 72 Smallcaps. I chose to make the quote the same color as the streams of
light to show the connection of the meaning of the quote and what the image represents. The
background image is a perfect depiction to something no one can see, which is creativity. Great
ideas seem to come out of nowhere, come out of darkness and shine in front of our eyes to
personally see. It’s our job as creators to see this idea and turn it into something that other
people can interact with. To create is to give life to the an idea. Julius Caesar recognizes how
powerful creation is and how much work is involved with it. I placed the quote where the
streams of light would pierce through in a subtle but aesthetically pleasing way.


For this visually Enhanced Quote the font that was used was Bodoni 72 Oldstyle, it’s
similar to Bodoni 72 Smallcaps but Oldstyle allows you to lower case your words. That one
difference actually changes a lot about what this image says. Sometimes ideas don’t come from
a spark of inspiration but from getting your hands dirty in the process and pursuit of a great
idea. I chose to make the Quote a greenish grey color to pop from the background gray wall.
The color also looks like a mix between the blue and dark green on the person’s hand. By
putting the quote in the center of the image it looks like the person created the words with
their hands.


The font for this one is Minion Pro. The background is image is what the goal of creating
something is. Creating something that will last for centuries, to create something that can’t be
replicated, to truly give art a life of it’s own. I faded the background image so that the quote
would stay out more without losing sight of the beautiful statues that fill up the whole image.

Anonymus Comments

People will say anything over the internet.  Whether it’s for attention, or just for the laughs.  People shouldn’t entertain any negative comments they get over the internet.  No one cares if you’re right or wrong and most comments are just multiple arguments going on at once.