The quote I picked was based on a made up cigarette brand by Quentin Tarantino, “Red Apple”. I started simple, for my first one I decided to just emulate a cigarette smoke by finding a royalty free image up on then would later on use the line trace feature on Illustrator to make the smoke look more like a drawing. I also made the hue of the smoke blue in order to provide consistency throughout the whole poster. Moreover, to still keep the brand logo in the visual I just placed a red apple on top of the I. For the second visual I went on to design and draw my own cigarette box and just stamped on the red apples logo on it. For this one I used the font CornerstoneJF because it was very flowy and elegant. Finally for the last one I went for something more playful. Still went for the red apple concept but this time I made the cigarette look like a worm coming out from a red apple. Moreover, I changed the font I used to Cosmopolitan. However, it has the same feel as Cornerstore so everything can still have cohesion.

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