Hey there! My name is John Gregorios. However, would you believe me if I said my full name is John Francis Christian C. Gregorios? (yes I know it might just be a tad too long). I was born in the country of the Philippines and lived their for most of my life. Then my parents decided to move to NYC to hone a better future for me and my brother and low and behold, here we are today, studying Communications Design at City Tech. However, I didn’t start off with ComD, surprisingly I started with Electrical Engineering but later found out it wasn’t for me. Hence, the major switch happened. I realized this when I took about 2 years worth of school and took on photography as a hobby and would later evolve to a source of good income for me so it turned to a job. Today, I got my associates in applied science and continuing to pursue my dreams to be a photographer/creative director in the future.

Link to my website: https://www.johngregorios.com/

Link to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuqgG-b8PGe4do-5rUCMgbw

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