Steps of ar face mask

– Go to your build settings and select android. Once selecting it, then click switch platform

– Go to player settings in build settings and change the company name, product name

– If you’re on android platform, go to other settings in player, get rid of Vulkan on graphics APIs 

– Disable multithreaded rendering and change your package name

– Change your minimum API level to “Android 8.0 ‘Oreo’ (API level 26)

– In package manager, install AR Foundation, then install ARCore XR Plugin

– In sample scene, add AR Session Origin and AR Session

– Delete the main camera

– In the inspector of AR Session Origin, add a component of AR Face Manager

– For prefab, in the Sample scene, add AR default face

– In the assets, create a folder and name it Materials

– Inside the materials, create a material

– Change the color if you want

– In AR default face’s inspector, drag your material in Element 0 

– You want AR default face to become prefab. In order to do that, you have to create a folder of prefab and drag AR default face in the prefab’s folder. You can delete AR default face on Sample scene after you dragged it on the folder

– In AR session origin, drag the prefab to AR face manager of face prefab

– Build and Run