My Mentor

Statista has many fantastic people that I’ve been looking up to. But none are as great as my team director. She’s the team director of the tech department and for someone so young she has so much wisdom. Her direct, understanding and caring personality has been making my work experience very much enjoyable. Since she has so much knowledge in the tech industry, it’s been interesting to talk about it. As a former computer engineering student myself, tech was very important to me. I loved (and still love) talking about the new technology coming up and how they’re going to change so many people’s lives.

She’s even provided my marketing intern partner and I so many resources for networking and helping us figure out what we want in our lives. I think that’s what makes someone a fantastic mentor.  She is definitely someone I would love to continue working with. I’m looking forward to our future projects and our time at Statista this whole summer.