My Mentor

Statista has many fantastic people that I’ve been looking up to. But none are as great as my team director. She’s the team director of the tech department and for someone so young she has so much wisdom. Her direct, understanding and caring personality has been making my work experience very much enjoyable. Since she has so much knowledge in the tech industry, it’s been interesting to talk about it. As a former computer engineering student myself, tech was very important to me. I loved (and still love) talking about the new technology coming up and how they’re going to change so many people’s lives.

She’s even provided my marketing intern partner and I so many resources for networking and helping us figure out what we want in our lives. I think that’s what makes someone a fantastic mentor.  She is definitely someone I would love to continue working with. I’m looking forward to our future projects and our time at Statista this whole summer.

A Self Evaluation

I’ve been at Statista for about 5 weeks now and I think I’ve been doing great! It’s been nice to step out of an educational environment and apply what I learned at City Tech to the real world environment. There have been a couple moments where I feel like my work could be much better, which is a mindset I appreciate having as well as my marketing intern. He’s seen how much I pay attention to detail from the fonts I use to choosing colors. Matter of fact, earlier this week he told me he learned a lot from me in terms of design. He’s been paying more attention to the details I focus on and learned how to use InDesign and Illustrator. It felt pretty good that I influenced someone with no graphic design background. I think my performance overall will continue to improve as I am learning how to manage my time with projects and by communicating with the rest of Statista’s employees.

3 down, 7-ish more to go

The first day the marketing intern and I started working on the one pagers, we were stumped about how we were going to organize them. What do one pagers look like? Is there a standard layout? So I did some research and found out there is no guideline on designing one pagers. It was completely up to us to design them. For about an hour I was sketching possible layouts we could use. However, because the marketing intern wasn’t too much into design, he left me to decide which template to use. There was one sketch I really like and thought it best fits the tech aesthetic because of its simplicity.

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Intro to Infographics

On my second week at Statista, I was assigned to start designing an infographic for another team. I’m not allowed to reveal what it is, but admittedly it is a daunting task. I have done infographics in my Infographic Design class last semester, but I was nervous about this assignment because of the amount of content. Also, it as a bit difficult to convince the team director why her ideas she suggested where impractical for an infograph. That’s been the biggest challenge so far in this internship. I feel bad when I turn down ideas, but in the end I want to make sure it looks fantastic.

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“Almost like working at Buzzfeed”

Those were the words my fellow intern used to describe the environment and culture of Statista in New York. Most of the employees, even my team director, are young, like if they just came out of college. So it’s a really relaxing environment with a couple mini golf sets lying around, soccer balls to play with when we’re bored, TVs with video game consoles connected to play during lunch and so. When I first visited Statista for my interview, I dress business-like assuming that’s what the other employees wear too. However, when I got there, everyone was wearing jeans, t-shirts and other casual clothes. It was probably the first and last day wearing my business clothes.

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Becoming a Graphic Design intern at Statista

In late April, I was told to start searching for internships for the summer by one of my former professors at school. I had applied to a handful of them on, I was also offered a position at a non-profit organization, but most of them never reached out to me. However, I was contacted by a Statista representative that had reviewed my application and requested my portfolio. It was a simple process and the representative I spoke with was really nice. He wasn’t intimidating in looks and speech. Instead, he was relaxed and casual like most of the employees at Statista. Some of the questions they asked included my experience as a Graphic Designer, if I can work in a team, availability, and most importantly why I want to intern at Statista. The interview process went pretty great!  I got the Graphic Design position after my interview once I got home. I was pretty excited!

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Hello, Statista

May 29, 2018 was my first day working at Statista. Before I started, I had to do some research on the company including its goal, founders and location. Statista is a private company that was founded in 2007 by Friedrich Schwandt and Tim Kröger in Hamburg, Germany. They have various offices located in Hamburg, New York, London, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Brussels, Zurich, Stockholm, Madrid, Istanbul, and Brussels. Statista in New York is located on the 30th floor on 55 Broad St, a bit close to Wall St. In the New York office, the company has 100 employees and growing. As an online statistics portal, the company’s primary business is to provide marketing research and consumer data to businesses, government institutions, universities and more. Some of their clients include Microsoft, Apple, and IBM.

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