Typography Jackson Heights

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Jackson Heights is a diverse neighborhood in Queens. I could consider Jackson Height a small melting pot of a variety of many different cultures from Eastern Europe to Asia. Typography is everywhere you go walking out to school or work. In Little India, most stores and restaurant has stylized type fonts plastered in front of the door. IMG_5571 These fonts are stylized where it replicates the Hindi letters while still be able to read in English. My local deli and supermarkets are the most noticeable that stands out from the other nearby businesses because of the use of bright colors and using large bold fonts.  Graffiti is fairly uncommon, well at least the part of the neighborhood I’m currently living. There is nothing else much to say about my neighborhood besides being bland and clean on the most part of the neighborhood. Some mom and pop stores I’ve walked by everyday use those generic white fonts found on the computer (eg. Comic Sans, TImes New Roman.). Jackson Heights is not a boring neighborhood to be around, it’s just not the kind of place you find anything artistic or appealing.