Reflection on annotated bibliography

Some things that all my sources have in common is how the director builds suspense in each movie, how they try to catch the audiences attention and how exactly they’re able to shock  them and get them jumping from their seats. Most use the same strategies such as the different tones in music, darkness, pop ups and how using the camera effectively can build the suspense in the movie. But each movie has a different effect and feeling to the audience. While I was learning about my genre and more specifically how the director of each movie built suspense in it I realized how they try to make us use our most important senses such as sight and hearing. We won’t jump out of our seats by hearing a cat meow but we would jump out of our seats if we heard a thunderous sound unexpectedly and to catch our attention they want us to see things that we aren’t normally used to seeing. Horror films are made to be abnormal and society can tell the difference between the norm and things that aren’t very natural to the eye, and that’s why film makers choose these specific strategies of throwing in crazy monsters or deformed faces and supernatural sounds because this is what triggers us especially in the real world. One thing I’d like to learn about my topic would be how the directors make the decisions they do and how do they place these strategies in order to shock the audience.

while I was writing my annotated bibliography I was a bit lost and I didn’t really know exactly how to start but along the way I figured it out and I taught myself some useful tips. Once I started I really did take my time to think and put my my thoughts together so that the reader would be able to interpret what it was I was trying to say and understand. While I was writing this assignment, I realized that taking your time and organizing your thoughts made the process so much easier and definitely made my writing better than it would’ve been if I rushed without care. I tried my best with putting things in my own words and adding my own opinions so that the reader knew I was interested and engaged in my genre. I chose horror films because they really interest me and I was curious to see how the directors of these famous horror films made them so great and thanks to this assignment I taught myself a lot and I never even bothered looking into how they were made before but now I know. I think one thing I’m really good at when writing is being able to express my thoughts and whenever I write anything I like to make sure that I’m getting the reader engaged because it’s never fun to read something that’s  uninspiring. I feel like if I was to practice writing my own stories it would expand my mindset and imagination to be able to apply in future writings. I feel like my imagination is what plays a big role in my writing because I like to think and make up scenarios and being creative is what makes writing fun.