Personal Experience – Resubmitted

A personal experience I had with reading was when I read the book “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. When I was 11 years old my whole group of friends were interested in reading, however for some reason I wouldn’t get interested in books or in reading. It was like that for about a year, up until I saw that my best friend was reading “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”, I asked her what was the book about and she told me the main details of the story. For some reason the plot of the book made me get really interested in it. The book is a novel about an adolescent named Charlie and his path through his freshman year of high school. The novel is composed of letters, which Charlie has written to an unknown person. He tells this person about his life, his struggles, and triumphs but makes sure not to say anything that could point out who he is. I got interested in this book because it celebrates inclusivity and tolerance by showing how people can blossom when they are accepted for who they are and how painful life can be for people who are ignored or mistreated. When Charlie enters high school, he is withdrawn. He does not try to connect with people because he is actively dealing with the pain of the two traumatic experiences he has had to undergo. When I was reading this book, it opened my eyes, by showing me that life is not a bed of roses for some people, and that we have to be flexible and understanding to everyone, because we don’t know what people are going through in their private lives. After I was done reading this book I realized the importance of reading. I realized that reading develops the mind, It is how we discover new things. Books, magazines and even the Internet are learning tools which require the ability to read. I also developed a strong relationship to books and reading. I started reading several books, from different genres. I would say that I started reading at least one to two books a month.

Response to Only Daughter by Sandra Cisneros

In Only Daughter by Sandra Cisneros she writes about her life growing up in a big Mexican family, being the only daughter with six brothers. Growing up with all boys and being the only girl. Throughout the story she is trying to impress her father, and just wants him to be proud of his only daughter. I found this story very interesting, especially because she wouldn’t stop trying to make her father proud of her. As the only girl she always felt different in her family, her brothers wouldn’t include her, and what really impressed me was that she became stronger from that experience. All the time that she had by herself really helped her become a talented writer. She even says at the end of the third paragraph, “But that aloneness, that loneliness, was good for a would-be writer – it allowed me time to think and think, to imagine, to read and prepare myself.” She never gave up and continued to pursue her dream, despite all the exclusion she was victim of. The perseverance that Cisneros showed throughout the story inspired me, the perseverance she showed in order to overcome all the obstacles she had throughout her life.

Personal Essay


FNU Adeel

ENG 1101:English                Personal Essay

composition I C379/D379

                      My experience with English wasn’t too bad. When I recently came into United States i felt like I will never fit into this environment because English is my second language. The first day in my computer class my teacher gave a dictionary then whenever i have problems with English i look words means first in my language. Dictionary was my first thing to start knowing English then i started watching movies to speak with accents. First semester even my English teacher told me that you should go one class back. Then I took evening classes to improve my English. First semester i got failing grades then i start with new beginning and improved my grades up to 85 %. Then English was my favorite subject which i never ever failed. I Also read a book called “A Child Called It”. Every day I come to my school I learned a new thing a new vocab. Then I joined volleyball in my school so I can interact with more people. I spoke my broken English in class and whoever I talked too never feel ashamed because I was there to learn something if i’m wrong teachers will correct me. I Also knew who ever is sitting with me nobody is perfect in English they are here to learn too. I also loved to work in groups so I can learn how each person has a different idea then me. I’m good at learning is when I watch videos. Then I started working at a pharmacy and I wasn’t good at communicating with customers at that time but now i’m very happy to go to work and meet with different people and also help people who don’t speak English because im Trilingual.My experiences with English was good because I wanted to learn English anyone can learn English if you have willing to do something. I think that Malcolm X, story is similar to mine because we had to learn something new which we never did before.

Malcoln x



FNU Adeel


ENG 1101:English

composition I C379/D379


                  Malcoln X, the story is very inspiring because he made himself able to society by the help of books. I liked the story most because his story is and mine are common. The most things I liked is that he didn’t give up on his limited knowledge. He used a dictionary to get information and increase his knowledge. Also I liked his saying on page 265 that being in prison changed his life now he can see himself knowledgeable person and able to read things.

Personal Experience.

I dont necessarily remember this moment, but I remember my mother telling me that I was ahead of  all the other kids in my year because most of the kids, since they were latin and some of them were the only child so they grew up only talking, reading, and writing in Spanish, had to take a bilingual class. Me, on the other hand, didn’t have to take a bilingual class since I already knew how to talk, read, and write in Spanish. So since english wasn’t a problem for me, I got to learn advanced materials than all the other kids. I even got to skip a grade. While everyone else had to take an extra class because their english wasn’t the best and their skills in reading and writing also weren’t the best. I obviously still had a teacher who spoke both english and Spanish because of the neighborhood I grew up in that was made up of hispanics and latinos. But because my teachers were starting to be only english speakers, my Spanish was fading away. I was starting to forget how to write, read, and say certain words in Spanish. English was starting to take over my Spanish. Which was beginning to scare me because I didn’t want to forget my first language, the language I use to be able to communicate with my family. So I began, not only talking to my sister in english, but in Spanish too. I’d also start writing and reading a lot more in Spanish than I’d use to. So not only was I got in reading, writing, and talking in Spanish but also in english.

personal experience

A personal experience that I had with reading and writing would have to be regarding my little 9 year old sister. In the growing process of my sister is has been fairly hard for her to comprehend certain aspects of school and that’s where I came in, My sister would have trouble reading and understanding the topics in school and also her homework so I would sit with her and go through it one by one making sure she could fully understand what I was saying and shortly after she was doing it on her own. I soon found out that it was the way I was teaching her and she found it more interesting and comfortable because after all I am her brother. After a few weeks of us going over how to pronounce certain words and  also how to complete sentences, she had it down and was finishing everything on her own. I had also made an appearance in her school to have a talk with one of her teachers to find out that my sister was doing perfectly fine but the teacher was the one doing her job as if it didn’t matter to her. She(the teacher) had been giving out worksheets and expecting the students to complete it at home without any knowledge of what they were expected to complete. The teacher was eventually fired and replaced and I would make sure that my sister understood by asking her questions based on what she as reading, the problem never occurred again.

Personal Experience Essay

When I was fairly young, around 2-3 years old my parents thought I was mute and couldn’t comprehend anything that was being said to me because I barely spoke. Due to this my parents and my teachers decided to put me in a english as a second language class while I was in school, and they also decided to get me a tutor at home. However I understood everything that was being said to me and I knew how to talk, I’ve rarely ever spoke back to my parents and teachers for the simple fact that I was just shy. Eventually they realized I never needed an ESL class because Ive always found it easy and any work that was given to me I would understand it with complete comprehension and never needed anything explained to me. My tutor also realized this. My parents asked me why I rarely spoke to them and I simply told them it was because I was shy and I really did not like to speak. I was always a quiet kid and till this day I still am. I talk to my parents and everyone around me like any normal person would but sometimes I can be really quiet when Im in a bad mood or when Im around people I don’t really know and whom Im not comfortable around. I never had a problem with reading or writing but being forced into doing work that I understood and didn’t need any  clarification made me not enjoy reading or writing. Till this day I don’t really enjoy  reading as I tend to lose focus easily and get uninterested and I procrastinate on every single writing or reading assignment .

Personal experience

I was in 3rd grade when I immigrated to America. Reading and writing was one of my weakest, I could speak English but reading and writing was challenging. I was placed in ESL (English as Second Language) throughout my elementary school. In those 3 years in my elementary school, I trained myself good enough to pass the ESL exam. Starting 6th grade I was placed in regular English. I enjoyed writing a lot more than reading, I don’t know why but I find almost nothing interesting to read. I seem uninterested in almost every reading I was given. I only finished my reading assignments given by the teacher if I was forced to read. Every time I was given a reading, I tried to find ways to avoid reading the entire passage and jump to summaries. Sometimes I had no choice but to read. However, writing was something I could do and not realize how much I have written, I actually enjoyed it. As I grew older and eventually went to high school, I realized I have to make reading my best friend. I can’t just avoid it forever, so I started to read more. Started slow but currently if I look at the past, I read more than before. In 10th grade my creative writing teacher gave us an assignment, she said to write about one thing about yourself. It can be anything, and as easy as it sounds it was actually so hard for me to write about just one thing. It was hard for me to think about one thing out of all the other things that have occurred in past. When it comes to writing, I hate writing about myself. I find it hard to think about a specific event. However, once I get an event and start writing I would go on and on about that topic. So after my teacher gave us that assignment, it took me the entire period to decide on what to write about, then I had to finish it at home since I wasted my entire period thinking. When a teacher gives me exactly what to write about, it makes my life so much easier.

“Only Daughter” by Sandra Cisneros

I have always wondered what it’s like to be the only child in the family or more specifically only son in the family. Being isolated from your siblings must feel lonely and separated from family benefits. I thought being lonely would come in your way of succeeding in life but looking at Cisneros, it varies from family to family. I always wanted to experience what it would be like to be the only son in the family but after seeing Cisneros go through, I don’t think I want to experience that anymore. You would always be so upset that it would take a lot of courage for you to do anything. For example, when Cisneros says “Each time, my father would seek out the parish priest in order to get a tuition break, and complain or boast: I have seven sons.” Cisneros clearly doesn’t get the same respect as her brothers, making her doubt herself. Cisneros liked one thing about being a girl though, she had freedom to major in anything she wants because her father told her, she is only getting education to get married. She enjoyed writing and since she was lonely she had no one to bother her while she did her writing. Her father read her stories she wrote and really enjoyed reading them. Clearly she made a good success out of her isolation from her siblings.