Reflection on annotated biography

FNU Adeel 

ENG 1101:English                                                                             11/15/2019

composition I C379/D379 

                  When I started  writing my assignment on Annotated biography,I  need to find a topic and it took too long to choose a topic  .When I choose my topic I needed to make a strong claim and argue about my  topic with evidence. I found some arguments for my topics by (new papers ,books,speeches, youtube etc). When I wrote my genre,I make sure that my claim is clear to understand ,argument to audiences . My  tone was emotionally, and harsh to persuade my audience.I had to be clear who is my audience. In this case my audience was the people or college students who are like me getting distracted or spend most of their time on Social Media.My genre sheres four things in common(Tone,Audiences,Arguments,Claim).What I have learned about my topic is that “Social Media”is a problem for some people in some ways. It can cause problems in your healthy life and relationships. Social Media is making kids getting far from their families. I want to know that social media causes distraction for me when I’m studying and does it happens to other people like me?What were some problems (challenges)that other people faced when they were doing their project. What ways and sources that helped you to find evidence. 


          When strength is that I don’t give up without fighting back and this thing make and motivated me to finish my assignment. Through this assignment I kind of mirror myself and saw myself in this project.When I start doing this assignment  first I gave up then I sater looking up for my evidence when I found my two evidence it looked kind of easy. The evidence that I used, it kind of shows that there are many people in the world who are tired of social media . My strength as a writer is that I always like to learn more and do some research before I start my assignment. I’m good at planning things and remembering for example when I chose my genre and selected  and negative effects of “Social Media” and I made plans where to look and what sources I need to choose in order to write a good annotated biography. I used newspaper articles and Youtube videos to back up my arguments with evidence. I would like to continue my by writing a personal diary so it would keep me writing something everyday. Also I like to write short stories . If I do so I would need to write down everything that I do everyday.  


After gathering the sources for my bibliography I found that they all contained several similarities to each other while also being different. A similarity would be how seeing as my topic was based on greek mythology, it was seen that there was always ethos being used along with some logos. They were also trying to inform us that greek mythology was not entirely myth, seeing as how it was a religion the greeks believed in and celebrated, and indicating the authors tone was informative. The sources also share the fact that they use greek mythology stories whether is was how it impacted the greeks and others, or what that story was about. One last similarity between all the sources would be how the authors state that the word ‘myth’ was something that should not be used since it was a religion that was celebrated and some events were seem to have been not entirely false. I’ve somewhat learned more about this topic one thing being the origin of greek mythology. I also learned that the authors sources I used wanted to inform their audience of greek mythology and open their eyes up on what it achieved and how it impacted/inspired many ideas. I would still like to learn how relevant it is today as a religion, what is greek mythology compared to other mythologies (did it inspire other mythologies, how did others who believed in those mythologies view the greeks, etc). Throughout writing this assignment I have learned a lot more about myself as a writer. Since this is the first time I’ve done an annotated bibliography I feel that I was able to carry over my experience from writing different types of papers and such over to this topic which helped me out. Although it was not entirely difficult I found that I kept running into blocks meaning what else should I say or write, especially when it sounds repetitive to me. Whenever I write and begin to sound repetitive I find myself wanting to stop or pausing in order to recollect myself and figure out what else I can say to sound unique and keep writing. That was one problem I had when writing the annotated bibliography. My strengths as a writer would be laying out what I will write beforehand. Before I write a paper I think about what I am going to write, how will I write it, and so on so forth. I always map out what I will do from beginning to end, and I find that to be my biggest strength when it comes to writing. Continuing to grow as I writer I would like to improve on creativeness and further developing what makes my writing stand out more than others. In order to make those changes come true would be to write more, read more, and just see what I can take and make into my own so I can see maybe what my style of writing is more likely to turn out to be. Overall, the annotated bibliography was fun to write, and this reflection has opened my eyes up to what I have learned, could have done different, as well as helping me to grow as a writer and what improvements I can make to make it possible to grow.


My personal challenges as a writer is I tend to give up on my current assignment when Im stuck on a particular part. For example I had trouble finding enough sources for my genre. This also aligns with my other issue. I don’t know how to research that well I’ve had diffuclty finding enough articles and evidence for my genre.  I would like to continue to grow as a writer by trying to get rid of the habit of giving up when I am stuck on a particular part of any assignment. I would also like to become a better researcher. Becoming a better researcher  can improve my writing significantly. This will allow me to organize my ideas more as I have evidence to back up anything I have to say. Another Skill I would like to improve on as a writer is better organization of my ideas and my evidence. I noticed my evidence and ideas are all over the place and usually don’t transition into one another making it difficult for the reader to understand what it is I am trying to say. What I learned about myself when attempting this assignment is I need a lot of work on my skills as a writer. I’ve noticed when the assignments are lengthy and require a lot of research I tend to give up when I am  stuck on any part of the assignment. I can enact these changes by pratacing on my writing and research skills on my free time. I can free write on my own time so I can have a better understanding on how to organize my ideas and make them transition into one another. However despite having all these challenges as a writer I believe I have some strength’s as a writer. For example despite having trouble organizing and structuring my work I have really good ideas and points in my work. Another Strength I have as a writer is word choice. Personally I believe my diction helps me the most as a writer as it determines the type of tone or mood I am setting for the reader.  This also can help me convey thoughts clearer. As a writer I think what i have to work on the most is how to transition my ideas and make it organized. I need to make it easier for my readers to understand the point I am trying to make. I can do this by better use of transition words, also writing a rough draft to any assignment to see if what I am thinking and writing makes any sense. Also as I write I have to think about my audience as I write. I have to write and also think about my audiences perspective at the same time. If I can work on these things I can improve on my skills as a writer. Also if I use ethos logos and pathos more in my work it can help organize my ideas and thoughts better.


Cody Zou Reflection on annotated bibliography.


My annotated bibliography contains a lot of similarities and differences. There are about 4 to 5 things that my sources share. All of the sources gave deep explanation on how the rap albums are good or not. They also share a lot of positive reactions towards the album. They also share the fact that they think Kanye West is an extraordinary music artist. And they share the fact of how the audience thought about the albums. I learned a lot from this genre and how writers write about album reviews. Writers can be very positive and writers can be negative. There is a bias standpoint where writers think albums are good they are fan or they think the album is bad because they aren’t a fan. I want to learn how to stay neutral while writing an album review. The reason for that’s because there could be an artist that I do not like, and I would be bias and not like his music just because I don’t like the artist. I learned a lot about myself when it came to writing this anti bibliography, I feel like I have a lot of potential. I feel like I should work on being more brief when it comes to making explanations and having a thesis. Although those are some weaknesses that I have I think I did many good things. For instance I explained how and how the album is like in each anti bibliography. In my opinion that is the most important part of making an anti bibliography on an album review. I expect and want to grow drastically as a writer. I would like to be more brief when it comes to defining. I would also like to improve on my vocabulary skills. I feel like if I used better vocabulary my anti bibliographies would be exponentially better. Other ways that I think I should improve at is maybe writing a little more, If there Is more to read there will be more information given out to the reader, although more can be more boring it will give the reader more information. Ways that I can achieve these goals are easy. I must maintain writing on a daily basis and be prepared to write at any point given time. If I keep summarizing the readings I can be in more debt when it comes to bettering my writing skills. Other things that I can do to achieve these writing skills is to be reading. I want to start reading books about entrepreneurship and learn how to be a better talker, If I can be better at reading and speaking that means I will improve drastically on writing as reading writing and speaking are key components to people on a regular basis. The book that I want to read badly is called the way of the world by Jordan belford, I heard a lot of good reviews and how it is life changing as it can change the way you think and talk which will lead me to becoming the best writer that I can be. 

Reflection on the annotated Bibliography (Love Letters)

Love letters 

There are several things that I noticed that all my sources have in common. The first thing and most obvious one is the regards that all of them uses to start their words. The second thing is the tone all of the writers use a lovely tone through the whole letter from start to finish. Another thing was that they wanted to persuade the other person to realize their love. Also, they share a lot of metaphors and hyperboles to introduce a little bit of drama to the letter and make their words more powerful. Last thing but no least, they have goodbyes to close all the writer was saying and usually they make it stronger by putting it together with an accomplishment. To add, from all my sources combine I learned that a love letter doesn’t alway mean that you have to tell the other person “I love You”. It could be use to make others realize in what they are wrong in terms of lovers and what they are doing good. Also, it could be used as a feeling transporter because you can take all your emotion and put them down on a piece of paper and just let the get to the heart of the receiver. There is something i’m wandering because in some of my sources the letters were short and some of them longer. I wonder if there is any relation between the amount of words someone uses in a love letter and the effectivity of the letter. Also, What will happen if the writer is lying on the letter? how would the other person know it? or Do the receiver just accept that everything in the paper is going to be true?

From this assignment i’ve learn a lot of thing that I was already capable of and I did not realize before. One of my strengths as a writer is when it comes to analyze phrase or quotes because I go deep and analyze every single words of that particular phrase or quote. On the other hand, I did not write that much very often which made it a little bit hard when I had to start the assignment. I was procrastinating so hard. When I was going to work on this assignment most of the time actually for most of my work I get distracted easily it could be by the TV, video games or my phone. Also, I realize that i’m very good at “pause and continue” which mean that I can start to write something and the pause at the middle of doing it and I can come back later and have the same idea where I left the work. It’s like if my inspiration doesn’t go away if I stop doing it and sometimes is hard for some people to start writing something and then pause without finishing it because then their mind get in blanck and they can’t continue their Idea. Personally I think that I can evolve more and the only things that I need to achieve it are practice more often and stop procrastinating too much when it comes to do my work.



When writing a speech 0n women empowerment, feminism you want your words to touch your audience. So must of the time speakers use personal experiences they went through to touch the audience emotionally which is by the way one thing 4 of my sources share in common they uses the pronoun t “I” as to show support to each other, to show to their audience which is women around the world that they can overcome every situation empower them and show them they are worthy. speakers in woman empowerment use a serious tone because they know what they are talking about they use honest words to their audience. when reading through my resources and making a comparison I realized that throughout the years the way the speeches are given have changed a lot. In the fifties or even the nineties must speeches were given during events or conferences but now empowering women are peoples daily jobs on YouTube. Let’s take for example the speakers Jon JOGERSON which is the speaker of one of my sources “a message to all women” the way he empowers is different from my other sources because he doesn’t use “I” or any personal experience he just uses words unique beautiful words when he gives his speeches to show to women around the world what they worth. That’s basically his job .What i want to say by this is that before women empowerment was not that developed women voices were not that considered so why empower them ?they are less than men anyway .But now that idea have completely changed there are actually men around the world creating YouTube channels making videos, doing stand -ups to give speeches in feminism which is a great change in history.

When doing this assignment I realized that I have more words and I enjoy more writing when I am writing on something that I am really interested in. I found out that I have a great imagination which is my strength as a writer I will say, I have the thoughts in mind I know what I want to talk about but its difficult to put my thoughts into words. And I realized that when we were doing the peer reviews in class, must of the time my peer doesn’t exactly get my idea so i have to restart that paragraph all over again for them to understand what I am saying. That might be caused by the lack of vocabulary. To change that I need to read more in order to open my mind learn some new things or some new words that I can eventually use when i am writing. I believe that reading more which is something I enjoy when what I am reading is interesting will help me in punctuation because that’s also an important part of writing and it will just help me to be a better writer. I will consider myself a good writer when I will be able to express my thoughts in words without difficulties.

Reflection On Annotated Bibliography

My annotated bibliography was based on Stephen King Horror Films. I learned a lot of things from writing this annotated bibliography. What I first learned was that all of the sources started by giving the reader a summary of the plot of the movie then they go in depth on the ending of the movie. They talk about why that was the ending and why it’s so significant/important to the overall film. They all also talk about what the films overall message/idea is and they try to think about what lead King to think of such a message and still be able to convert it into such an amazing horror film. What I learned from writing this annotated bibliography is that all of Stephen Kings novels and films end up being a New York Times bestseller. I also learned that all Stephen King’s books are all connected. Many of his books share locations and characters across parallel universes. Which only means that the movies are also all connected because they’re based off of the novels. From the topic of my annotated bibliography I would like to learn how Stephen King comes up with the ideas of his novels. I know that for ‘The Shining’, it was inspired by The Stanley Hotel and a dream that he had while staying at The Stanley Hotel in room 237. So it would be interesting to learn if all his novels and films are based on dreams and personal experiences or how else does he come up with such amazing novels. Some strengths that I learned I have was that when an interesting topic/question comes up and I have to do classwork or homework for it, my mind quickly thinks about what it wants me to write down on paper. Sometimes I just keep writing and writing, even if they’re imperfect sentences, because I don’t wan’t to loose my train of thought. I understand what I wrote or what I was trying to write so I go back and fix my sentences so they’re grammatically correct and proper to read and understand incase the teacher wants us to share what we have written down with other students in the same class or if it’s so we can hand it in on open lab as homework. For example, for this reflection homework it was easy for me to do because it’s just me reflecting on work I’ve done and my skills in writing. I don’t need to look something up on the internet for it to help me with my homework because this homework is based off of knowledge not a passage I had to read and try to understand. Some challenges I had was that I’m not the best at rewriting someone else’s work in my own words for my homework so sometimes it takes me a while to do my homework. For example when writing about a short story we read in class, I don’t want to copy down exactly what the reader wrote because sometimes the writers explains what he is trying to communicate which might also be what I’m supposed to do for my homework so it’s hard for me to not want to write exactly what she wrote so I try my best to say what she wrote but in my own words as if I’m the reader and I myself am trying to explain what I was trying to communicate to the reader. What I would like to evolve is how much I write and if my grammar and punctuation are correct when I’m using them.

Reflection on annotated bib–due Nov 15

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Reflection Assignment on Annotated Bibliography Prompt, due on Open Lab (500 words):

Your final portfolio will ask you to reflect on your evolution as a writer this semester. In this Open Lab post, you are doing two reflections (you can use this insight in your final portfolio reflection too):

1.Revisit the annotated bibliography you posted on Open Lab.
a. Now, imagine that you were teaching someone how to write in your genre. What are 4-5 things that all of the sources in your genre share? You could think about things like: the tone of the writers; ways that your sources open or close; whether they use emotional appeals or reason appeals more often; what audiences they are trying to persuade…
b. What did you learn about your topic? This could be anything, but you could also think about the norms or values that your writers and/or their audiences hold—how can you see those values working?
c. What do you still want to learn about your topic?

2.What did you learn about yourself as a writer through this assignment?
a. What do you think your strengths are as a writer? What are you good at? Please be specific and provide an example. (This could be any part of the writing process, including brainstorming and imagining.)
b. In what ways would you like to continue to grow as a writer?
c. How do you think you could enact those changes? What do you need in order to do so?