Malcoln x



FNU Adeel


ENG 1101:English

composition I C379/D379


                  Malcoln X, the story is very inspiring because he made himself able to society by the help of books. I liked the story most because his story is and mine are common. The most things I liked is that he didn’t give up on his limited knowledge. He used a dictionary to get information and increase his knowledge. Also I liked his saying on page 265 that being in prison changed his life now he can see himself knowledgeable person and able to read things.

Malcolm X “Learning to Read”

What I found interesting about this reading was that Malcolm X didn’t waste his 7 years in prison doing absolutely nothing. He made use of his time by getting hold of a dictionary to study and learn some words. He started by copying words off the dictionary onto a tablet with his pencil down to the punctuation marks. Then he’d read out loud everything he had written down over and over again. Which I actually admire that he did because he didn’t let being locked away stop him from learning more words that he never knew existed or could possibly exist. I found it amazing that he didn’t just remember the words themselves, but their definitions all in a day. He took action, he changed the fact that he wasn’t able to express what he wanted to convey in letters that he wrote.