The president of guinea should not have the power to change the constitution.

The president of guinea should not have the power to change the constitution.

Guinea is a democratic country where the population vote to elect the president of their choice. Every president has two presidential terms that’s the rule written in the Guinean constitution. It’s been now 2 months since the actual president Alpha Conde, made a declaration of him wanting to change the constitution in order to have a third presidential term. Since that, the population has started doing riots against that declaration. in this speech, i will be addressing 2 important messages to the Guinean population and the Guinean police because they are the two communities going out in the streets during riots and killing each other. I choose a genre of speech which i will be given during a riot because that’s the only time the two communities i want to speak to meets.

Today November 19 ,2019 i am standing in front of all of you parents; children; women; police; population of Guinea in this memorial place for all of us “the stadium of September 28” To tell you ENOUGH!!! Enough of hating each other Enough of killing each other just ENOUGH. To the Guinean police, i will first remind them that they are the one who are supposed to secure the country and the population as they swore in their oath. I understand that they have to respect orders from their superior but they can do that by going in the street and making sure the population have nonviolent riots or even support them in their fight against president Alpha Conde. Instead they go in the streets with fire arms and kill the people they are supposed to protect and when the population see these fire arms, they feel attacked and try to fight back that’s how innocent people die every time we have a riot.  According to France ”24 the international news channel on October 15 ,2019”.  <4 teenagers and 1 police officer died during the riot>. This has been going on for too long and this Not helping the evolution of our beloved country. According to “Buisinessinsider “<out of the 20 most dangerous countries guinea rank 17> and if this does not change, if president Alpha Conde get to change the constitution we will keep sinking or eventually have a civil war between the population and the police. The president who’s giving orders and making laws to allow the police officers to go out in the streets with guns should be the one to be blamed for all these deaths and for the hate that exist now between police officers and the Guinean population. The president has given police officers too much power that now they go into innocent people houses and rob them. All these deaths are proofs to the police officers that this president should not have the chance to change the constitution neither have another presidential term, because he is pushing them to do things that are against the oath they took. Police officers exist to protect the country and there is no country without a population. So the police should protect the population not kill them.

And to my GUINEANS my brothers, my sisters, i am more than proud for all the efforts the strength that you have been showing since the start of this nightmare for our nation. women and Men are out to fight for their rights, the right to choose what is good for their country. if democracy is the power of the people by the people and for the people. then us the people say NO!! NO to the change of the constitution. It’s in front of the whole nation and the presidents of 13 African countries, that president Alpha conde swore on the constitution of Guinea the day of his second presidential investiture in December 2015, he swore to respect the constitution and make the constitution respected by everyone. But yet, he is the one who wants the change the constitution for his own benefice. People of Guinea we have been fighting against president Alpha Conde for 3 years now and we have lost more 100 people. According to “Amnesty international for west Africa”<at least 18 people have died since the beginning of 2018> and the president still do not want to listen to us. We have been supported by our GUINEAN brothers and sisters all around the world. According to “Tshello tv”<hundred of people went out to protest in front of the embassy of guinea in Belgium> and hundred others went out in Canada Montreal  to protest last month ,same in Paris and new York .The only difference is that they don’t get killed like us here when they do their non violent protest . Instead they are secured by the police even though they are foreigners . Since the president does not want to listen to us, i will not ask you to stop , i will ask you to continue fighting but fight smarter. By that i mean, during riots if the police start attacking with fire arms  leave do not fight back we have lost so many people already. But if we decide to do another riot be present. We have to show to president Alpha conde that we are against the change of our constitution and we will not stop fighting for our country until he listens to us and leave at the end our his 2nd presidential term.


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