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Blacks, Hispanics, or any other minority group is heavily impacted by government/political corruption. May it be police brutality, or even the disadvantage when it comes to work or school. There is a huge problem with corruption that occurs in the U.S. and heavily impacts not only minority groups, but as well as those who are seen to stand or believe that they are on top which would be white people. There is almost a night and day difference in the way the two groups are treated and this is a problem that needs to continuously be addressed in order for something to be done about it. There are many ways in which minority groups are negatively affected due to corruption which also benefits those who contribute to it. These groups have always been treated unfairly especially when it also comes to equal rights which is what the U.S. is built upon. I chose to write to minorities due to me being able to relate to them, and the government because I believe that they have to acknowledge the fact that they are hurting their people, and need to know that is must stop and it will. This topic was chosen because I feel government corruption is not spoken about too much and there is so much complexity to it which makes it hard to write in a way, but overall it is something very serious and is being used to abuse minorities.


Dear Minority Groups,


I hope to help to inform you more on how you are oppressed and how much bigger the government plays a role in that in which many may not know. According to the article “American Racial and Ethnic Politics in the 21st Century: A Cautious Look Ahead” by Hochschild, the article speaks about how blacks have lost their trust in the government due to the actions that they take. One example would be how government investigates black elected officials in order to make them lose their credibility therefore losing votes or the possibility to get a job and bring change that will truly bring equality. The article goes on further to speak about how the government purposefully make drugs easily accessible in black neighborhoods in order to ‘control’ them. Drugs are already a huge problem, but seeing as it’s actually being supplied by the government in order to keep black people from having the credibility or to be seen as equal is inhumane. My goal is to inform you guys of how the government is attempting to isolate you by making it more difficult, so I ask that you fight against it and not be tempted by drugs and such, and instead follow a different path that could lead to change and power


Minority groups also face the challenge of democracy. Even though everyone is able to vote there are still those in the government that are trying to suppress minority groups and prevent them from having the power or ability to vote. In the article “Systematic Inequalities and American Democracy” by Solomon, it speaks about the past and how people of color were unable to vote until much later on. When voting rights were available to all citizens there was no huge change until 2012 where there were more votes from those of color than whites. This caused the Supreme Court in 2013 to greenlight the suppression of voters of color. From that time to the present many minorities have had more racial discrimination when it came to them voting or using their voice to participate in politics. This is what the corrupt U.S. government wants. They want those with color to lose their voice/power in order to keep all the power to themselves and those who back them. I ask that you the people use your ability to vote and try not to let this stop you and know that no matter what you do have the same rights as that of a rich white person. Together you can stand on top and use your rights to fight and allow your voices to be heard.


Police brutality is a huge topic and issue that can be spoken about for a very long time. Police have become more and more corrupt over the years and have gone as far as killing innocent black people and even abusing their power and beating/harassing minorities. Moore the author of “Police Brutality in the United States” speaks about how here are so many people who have been victims of police brutality, but are unable to tell their story due to the lack of political influence or the lack of financial stability. In recent years there have been more protests which was sparked by the death of Michael Brown in 2014. This lead to protests against the police and the officer who killed this innocent young man in cold blood. Unfortunately, these protests have yet to have been held by more established groups which would help in the sense of demonstrating that the people have a voice and corrupt police officers have to be delt with in order to maintain a safe environment for the people. Police brutality also dates back to the 1900’s and have caused many race riots. Instead of the police force helping to ensure the safety of people they are basically encouraging violence and giving a bad example of how to deal with things. The police also have a lot to deal with drugs and getting minorities behind bars. They are known to set up people and even go as far as to plant evidence in order to convict someone, and they are not able to fight back due to lack of knowledge and their position as a minority. Overall, I am writing this in the hopes of minorities being able to gain a bit of knowledge on the truth of what is happening and pick something up may it be how to fight back, or even making it so you become interesting to the point that you do your own research to further gain knowledge on what to do and become a voice who fights back and helps others.


Dear Government,


Your corruption will not stop the people you are trying to suppress from fighting back. Throughout all of history there is always someone or even a group that fights back and stands for the people and eventually wins, so my goal of this message is to stop trying to suppress us and just accept that more change will come and there is nothing that can be done about that. In Transparency Internationals article “Corruption in the USA: The Difference a Year Makes”, the article speaks about key issues being how wealthy/rich individuals and companies pay those who who in the government in order to have an advantage over others. These individuals and companies pay these people in order to abuse their power over minorities and people who live in certain areas in order for those people or companies to gain more money or simply for the pleasure of it. According to the article throughout the Trump’s presidency it is said that this corruption has gotten much worse than it was before. There is also a chart which shows the percentages of which people/departments are the most corrupt to least corrupt. Also note that pretty much everyone in the government is corrupt to an extent. The only action the people are able to take is voting, but even then there are restrictions of voting on minorities and the suppression of their voices. The corruption of government officials is further spoken about in the article “USA Corruption Report” by GAN Integrity. The article is really good in going into detail about the different types of corruption and gives examples/events in when the corruption has taken place and etc. Thus, my point in this message was to inform the pain and suffering corruption has caused to minorities and seeing the actions and how far you have gone to suppress these people is disgusting and actually shows that you are in fact scared of what positive change minorities are capable of bringing. I also wanted to inform that there are those who have the knowledge and know what is truly going on, so prepare for there to be change.




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