Reflection on the annotated Bibliography (Love Letters)

Love letters 

There are several things that I noticed that all my sources have in common. The first thing and most obvious one is the regards that all of them uses to start their words. The second thing is the tone all of the writers use a lovely tone through the whole letter from start to finish. Another thing was that they wanted to persuade the other person to realize their love. Also, they share a lot of metaphors and hyperboles to introduce a little bit of drama to the letter and make their words more powerful. Last thing but no least, they have goodbyes to close all the writer was saying and usually they make it stronger by putting it together with an accomplishment. To add, from all my sources combine I learned that a love letter doesn’t alway mean that you have to tell the other person “I love You”. It could be use to make others realize in what they are wrong in terms of lovers and what they are doing good. Also, it could be used as a feeling transporter because you can take all your emotion and put them down on a piece of paper and just let the get to the heart of the receiver. There is something i’m wandering because in some of my sources the letters were short and some of them longer. I wonder if there is any relation between the amount of words someone uses in a love letter and the effectivity of the letter. Also, What will happen if the writer is lying on the letter? how would the other person know it? or Do the receiver just accept that everything in the paper is going to be true?

From this assignment i’ve learn a lot of thing that I was already capable of and I did not realize before. One of my strengths as a writer is when it comes to analyze phrase or quotes because I go deep and analyze every single words of that particular phrase or quote. On the other hand, I did not write that much very often which made it a little bit hard when I had to start the assignment. I was procrastinating so hard. When I was going to work on this assignment most of the time actually for most of my work I get distracted easily it could be by the TV, video games or my phone. Also, I realize that i’m very good at “pause and continue” which mean that I can start to write something and the pause at the middle of doing it and I can come back later and have the same idea where I left the work. It’s like if my inspiration doesn’t go away if I stop doing it and sometimes is hard for some people to start writing something and then pause without finishing it because then their mind get in blanck and they can’t continue their Idea. Personally I think that I can evolve more and the only things that I need to achieve it are practice more often and stop procrastinating too much when it comes to do my work.

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  1. Looking at this for the first time, I had a different view on how love letters are. Usually, I would expect somewhere to see those 3 words. In this case for you, that isn’t the case and instead use their words in a different meaning to send that message across. This is important as love letters each have something different to tell, as it differs from person to person. I always thought love letters was just based on one thing, but because of this changed my view on it and it isn’t always based on that one thing. Also that people have their own way of saying love without those 3 words.

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