Reflection on annotated biography

FNU Adeel 

ENG 1101:English                                                                             11/15/2019

composition I C379/D379 

                  When I started  writing my assignment on Annotated biography,I  need to find a topic and it took too long to choose a topic  .When I choose my topic I needed to make a strong claim and argue about my  topic with evidence. I found some arguments for my topics by (new papers ,books,speeches, youtube etc). When I wrote my genre,I make sure that my claim is clear to understand ,argument to audiences . My  tone was emotionally, and harsh to persuade my audience.I had to be clear who is my audience. In this case my audience was the people or college students who are like me getting distracted or spend most of their time on Social Media.My genre sheres four things in common(Tone,Audiences,Arguments,Claim).What I have learned about my topic is that “Social Media”is a problem for some people in some ways. It can cause problems in your healthy life and relationships. Social Media is making kids getting far from their families. I want to know that social media causes distraction for me when I’m studying and does it happens to other people like me?What were some problems (challenges)that other people faced when they were doing their project. What ways and sources that helped you to find evidence. 


          When strength is that I don’t give up without fighting back and this thing make and motivated me to finish my assignment. Through this assignment I kind of mirror myself and saw myself in this project.When I start doing this assignment  first I gave up then I sater looking up for my evidence when I found my two evidence it looked kind of easy. The evidence that I used, it kind of shows that there are many people in the world who are tired of social media . My strength as a writer is that I always like to learn more and do some research before I start my assignment. I’m good at planning things and remembering for example when I chose my genre and selected  and negative effects of “Social Media” and I made plans where to look and what sources I need to choose in order to write a good annotated biography. I used newspaper articles and Youtube videos to back up my arguments with evidence. I would like to continue my by writing a personal diary so it would keep me writing something everyday. Also I like to write short stories . If I do so I would need to write down everything that I do everyday.  

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  1. I learned that you grew from this assignment and it’s not always easy especially when you’re confused and it’s your first time doing it. I like how you put a lot of thought into it and didn’t give up, I think that’s what matters.

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