My personal challenges as a writer is I tend to give up on my current assignment when Im stuck on a particular part. For example I had trouble finding enough sources for my genre. This also aligns with my other issue. I don’t know how to research that well I’ve had diffuclty finding enough articles and evidence for my genre.  I would like to continue to grow as a writer by trying to get rid of the habit of giving up when I am stuck on a particular part of any assignment. I would also like to become a better researcher. Becoming a better researcher  can improve my writing significantly. This will allow me to organize my ideas more as I have evidence to back up anything I have to say. Another Skill I would like to improve on as a writer is better organization of my ideas and my evidence. I noticed my evidence and ideas are all over the place and usually don’t transition into one another making it difficult for the reader to understand what it is I am trying to say. What I learned about myself when attempting this assignment is I need a lot of work on my skills as a writer. I’ve noticed when the assignments are lengthy and require a lot of research I tend to give up when I am  stuck on any part of the assignment. I can enact these changes by pratacing on my writing and research skills on my free time. I can free write on my own time so I can have a better understanding on how to organize my ideas and make them transition into one another. However despite having all these challenges as a writer I believe I have some strength’s as a writer. For example despite having trouble organizing and structuring my work I have really good ideas and points in my work. Another Strength I have as a writer is word choice. Personally I believe my diction helps me the most as a writer as it determines the type of tone or mood I am setting for the reader.  This also can help me convey thoughts clearer. As a writer I think what i have to work on the most is how to transition my ideas and make it organized. I need to make it easier for my readers to understand the point I am trying to make. I can do this by better use of transition words, also writing a rough draft to any assignment to see if what I am thinking and writing makes any sense. Also as I write I have to think about my audience as I write. I have to write and also think about my audiences perspective at the same time. If I can work on these things I can improve on my skills as a writer. Also if I use ethos logos and pathos more in my work it can help organize my ideas and thoughts better.

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  1. What I learned from your reflection is that sometimes we try to give up on our assignments because there are too hard or there’s just a lot to do. Also, this habit can be broken by improving our skills. This is important because if someone else read this reflection and relate to it that person can find a way of getting of getting out of that habit of giving up.

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