Looking back at my annotated Bibliography there are a few connections and similarities that I can make between my chosen sources. Each source holds a dep meaning behind their “horror” the way that the authors choose to write theses stories reflect on their emotional background and personal desires. From this writing assignment, ive learned a few things about each story and why they were written the way they were. Horror becomes an easy genre to stereotype because it is one of the darkest genres. By being a dark genre, audiences often make Gothic or tragic assumptions as to why the author would write a murder instead of a love story. People who write horror don’t purposely want to write it because they have an “evil” mind or whatever the case may be, they write it because they are interested in it and that’s how they embrace the genre. Something i would still want to learn from my topic is what motivates the writer to create such dark stories. Throughout this assignment I realized a lot of things about myself , I take an interest in scary “horror” themed scenarios. The moral background and the way suspense builds is what grabs my attention. My strengths as a writer is having an open mind about the story and the path it will eventually take build the story line. 

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