Annotated Bibliography Love Letters

Cash, Johnny. love letter to June Carter, Huffpost,

Johnny Cash took this letter to another level. The most noticeable thing about this letter is that is shaped like a heart a symbol of love. He proceeds to write to June Carter  in valentines day to let her know how much he loves her and that she is always on his mind. The whole letter is just une sentence that says “Valentines is fine.But you being mine is more fine.” He is telling her that their love is even better and beautiful that the day of love this to make her realize all his love. Furthermore, he uses a romantic tone to give his word a sense of sweetness and provoke her to fall more in love with him. Also, his goal was to win her heart and little details like this one do great thing.

Eames, Charles. Marriage proposal to ray Eames, Barnebys,

In this particular letter Charles Eames is telling Ray Eames that he love her and to convince her that it’s true he’s got to tell her how he feels and what he been through. There is a quote that says “ I cannot promise to support us very well.” With this sentence he’s shown her that is very humble and that he’ll do whatever it takes to be with her even if they have to go through a hard time. Charles Eames make this statement in tone of hopeless but at the same time he is like making a promise to her that he will never let her down. Also, when he says “but if given the chance I will shure in hell try.” He is making sure that she gets the point of this letter that he will be by her side no matter what and hell try the best he can. To add, this add credibility to him because it makes him look trustfull if he is down to do all he can to be with her. Another thing that is on his favor is the determination he is showing her. There is a quote that demonstrate that determination that says “What is the size of this finger?” He was trying to be a little bit funny as well and he wrote  little hand in the letter with the ring on that probably gain her heart as soon as she saw it.

Keats,John. Love Letter To Fanny Brawne–13 October 1819, English History,

John Keats wrote this letter to his loved one which actually was his neighbor Fanny Brawne as the title said. He was telling her how much he loved her by describing his emotions and telling her that he was insecure of what she actually felt for him. Furthermore, he wanted her to feel the same way he felt that’s why he wrote with a tone of hopeless trying to persuade her to give him or show the same love he shows her, a quote that shows it says “My sweet Fanny, will your heart never change?” He ask this question to make her realize the insecurity he was passing through thinking about if her love belongs to him. Keats proceeded to achieve his goal by telling her things that as a lover will make him look more credible and will help him achieve his purpose. The ways he ended the letter when he said “My Love is selfish – I cannot breathe without you”. This strategy of telling Brawne that she is his everything works pretty well because he lets her know that he’ll keep loving her forever and this may had help her understand that he was telling the true about how he felt. Also, he made her realize that every single word was real.

Kahlo, Frida. Love Letter to Diego Rivera, K Madison Moore Contemporary fine artist,

Frida Kahlo is writing to Diego with a great security of her feeling and we can sense that because of the words she carefully choose to use to achieve her goal. She proceeds to describe her love like something out of this world something magic. When Frida Kahlo says “I ask you for violence, in the nonsense, and you, you gave me grace, your light and your warmth.” Here, she describes that instead of feeling like in a war full of violence when she thinks of their love she feels a fire that warms her up and the light that guide her deeply into their love. Also, she write with a tone full of confidence showing that she is sure of what she is saying aldo to convince Diego to see that too. To add, there is a lot of trust between Frida and Diego, this is shown by the informal approach she uses to say such lovely things to him. At the end she doesn’t even say goodbye properly she just put the initial of her name “F” and at the beginning she just put “Diego’’. This shows the level of confidence she had on him that he wouldn’t judge her or anything and that he would automatically know that it was her. It build a sense of security among the two of them.

Sartre, Jean Paul. Love Letter to Simone de Beauvoir, For Reading Addicts,


Jean Paul started saying “My dear little girl” with this he was trying to evoke a sense of respect towards Simone de Beauvoir to then introduce the words of love that he was going to describe to her. She was one of his friends but, with this letter he declared that more than a friendship he was in love with her. Also, he tried to explain to her that it was hard to love her because he had to pay attention to other thing around him. This is shown by a quote that says “ Try to understand me: I love you while paying attention to external things.” When he says “Try to understand me”, he added this phrase to create a emotio in Simone that eventually was going to persuade her to believe in what he was trying to tell her. To add at the end of the letter he uses another phrase to persuade her that says “ And search honestly.” He was trying to make her think of their relationship as more than friends and the words he used help him a lot. Furthermore, the farewell “I love you with all my heart and soul.” Lovers always refers to their love to something that comes from their heart but in here Jean Paul mention his soul and that help him the most to accomplish his goal of gaining her heart.

 Tolstoy, Leo. love letter to Valeria Arsenev, For Reading Addicts,

Leo Tolstoy goes straight to the point, short and direct when he writes to Valeria Arsenev. This shows that it doesn’t matter how he writes it she’ll get what he’s saying to her, they have that connection. In this letter Leo Tolstoy tries to persuade Valeria Arsenev that he is starting to love her more than ever and that their love is the most beautiful thing. There’s a quote that says “Believe me, nothing on earth is given without labour, even love, the most beautiful and natural of feelings”. Leo Tolstoy choose to say this words to make her realize that love isn’t something that is just there she have earned it. Even though is the most amazing thing in the world people have to earn it and this may evoke in her a feeling of proudness in her because she have his love. He even says that their love will be eternal as well, Leo Tolstoy have a high level of confidence on his tone and that helped him a lot. Also, when he says “Beauty one could get to know and fall in love with in one hour and cease to love it as speedily; but the soul one must learn to know.” He’s trying to explain why their love is special because it’s not base on beauty it’s a true love and this will make her secure of what she is reading.


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  1. I think you might be able to explain the evidence more deeply, and why the author uses certain words in his/her love letter to better connect to the reader of the letter. Also, perhaps by mentioning the publication date or place, you might be able to better explain why certain authors used certain methods for their appeal. Finally, perhaps if you connected the tones between the love letters it might be a better way of analyzing the authors’ method of appeal.

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