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  1. Yasminah Carmela Jn Baptiste Raymond Professor: Ms. Jewell Date : November 01, 2019 course : English

    Famous Black Leaders Speeches in Haiti and in the United States

    Toussaint, Louverture. “Brothers and friend’’. Speech. Camp Turel, St Domingue (Haiti). 29 Aug. 1793.

    Haiti was a French colony between the period of 1660 and December 31, 1803. During this colonial period general Toussaint Louverture made ‘’Brothers and Friends” short speech in front of the slaves of Camp Turel St. Domingue which is now Haiti. Therefore, the main reason he gave his speech was to push St. Domingue toward independence. In his assertion he expressed a few words that showed he really wanted the slaves to be free. Firstly, he claimed that “I want liberty and equality to reign throughout St. Domingue and I’m working hard toward that end’’. The word liberty and equality can make someone who might read his declaration thinks that during 1793 they were slaves in Haiti and their general promised them he will release them from slavery. Secondly, he also stated ‘’I have undertaken vengeance’’. Based on this idea a reader might believe that Toussaint Louverture was a brave general that risked his life for the Haitian slave.
    In summary, his speech called for an abolition to slavery.

    Jean, Jacques Dessalines. ‘’Independence and Death”. Speech. Gonaives. Haiti. 01 Jan. 1804.

    Jean Jacques Dessalines was the founder of Haiti and the first president of it. Therefore, in 1804 he gave ‘’Independence and Death’’ speech in Haiti to rally the slaves to fight savagely for the independence. To do that he expressed some powerful thoughts in front of the slaves that really would make them to fight like brave men with the French.

    Firstly, he claimed that ‘’We must take from inhuman government that for so long has held over spirits in the most humiliating toper any hope of re-enslaving us.’’ Based on this statement someone who read this speech might feel that president Jean Jacques Dessalines wanted to revenge its enemy country which was France because Haiti was its colony for a long period of time. Secondly, the speaker stated strongly and brutally “We must finally live independently or die! Independence or death! May these sacred words rally us and may be the signal for our combat and our coming together’’. Upon this thought a person who read it might believe that the way Dessalines used the words “Independence or death” to address to the slaves meant they should fight like a brave man against their enemies. In other words, a reader might also believe that their leaders told them they could win their independence or not through combat, but if we lost, we prefer to die instead of staying in slavery. Fortunately, Haiti won this war and in the same day which was January 01, 1804 it became an independent country.

    To sum up, president Jean Jacques Dessalines’ assertion free slavery.

    King, Martin L.., Jr. ‘’I Have a Dream”. Speech. U.S, Washington, D.C. 28 Aug. 1963.

    “I have a dream was the most famous speech of American Civil Rights Activist Martin Luther King Jr in 1963 at Washington D.C. The main goal of his speech was to urge the African Americans to have equal rights to white Americans. In his declaration he conveyed a lot of ideas that showed he really wanted equality of race flowed in the United States.

    Therefore, he asserted that the Emancipation Proclamation decree allowed to free slavery and the Declaration of Independence document states that all men are created equal, but after those promises, the life of the African American were still not free. A person who might read his assertion will have in mind that the American government violated the vow they had made in their decrees. Then, a reader might also think the pledge they had made in the Emancipation of Proclamation and the Declaration of Independence were not apply for black only for white Americans.

    Accordingly, Martin Luther King said strongly “I have a dream that my four little children will not be judge by the color of their skin but by the content of their character’’. Based on this idea a reader might think that he wanted people to live in a free society where everyone is equal.In addition when he days let freedom flowed everywhere in the United stated it makes the audience they were inequaliy of race in the United States, but now he called for equality of race. Overall, the objectif of his speech was to call for an end of segregation everywhere in the United States.

    Barack, Hussein Obama. ‘’New era of responsibility’’. Speech. U.S. Capitol. 20 Jan.2009.

    Barack Hussein Obama was the first black president in the United States from 2008 10 2016. Accordingly, during his inauguration, he gave a speech. The main goal of it was to push the American government to take responsibility and the ordinary citizens to get involved. In his speech he declared many important ideas to urge Americans to take actions. Thus, he said “Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America”. Upon this idea a listener of it can think that it means if the Americans corporate between them they can make a bigger country as contrary to if they do not corporation between them. Then, the speaker states confidently to the spectators we will build, road, bridge, and digital lines that feed our commerce and connect us together, and also reduce the price of health care. A person who listens to this speech might have in mind that those were the plans of President Obama for his nation. To sum up, his declaration called for the Americans to take actions.

    Angela, Davis. “This Country’s History cannot be Deleted”. Speech. Washington.D.C.21 Jan.2017.

    Angela Davis is an African American woman civil rights activist in the United States. Therefore, the purpose of her speech ” This Country’s History cannot be deleted” was to enlighten the crowd about why the history of immigration, slavery, discrimination should not be erased. She claimed some thoughts that showed she wanted the audience to believe that what our ancestors has endured should not be deny today.

    Moreover, she said “This is a country anchored in slavery and colonialism, which means for better or for worse the very history of the United States is a history of immigration and enslavement”. This statement persuades a reader that in the past immigrants and blacks Americans has a difficult life, but in the order hand it was advantageous. Angela also said Xenophobia, accusation of rape and murder should not deny too. She declared vigorously in front of hundred thousand people this women march represented “An inclusive and intersection that call upon all of us to join resistance to racism, Islamophobia, to capitalist exploitation”. Based on this idea a person who read it might reflect that people gathered at the women marc on February 2017 to celebrate American history. In summary, the key point of Angela Davis speech was the foundation of U.S history which are racism, racism, slavery and immigration should not be erased.

    Ruby, Bridge. ” We are all Going Against the Grain”. Speech. At TEDx Napa Valley. 29 April. 2014.

    Ruby Bridges is an African American women civil rights activist. Therefore, her assertation persuaded the spectators the spectators her adversity of racism she had faced in the United States in a school at Louisiana. In her speech she described her experience precisely to the audience.

    She said when she was six years old, she went into a school with white children only, they were humiliating her, she wasn’t allowed to take lunch with them event the teacher did not want to teach her because she is black. This passage can make a listener thinks that in the past schools were segregated in Louisiana and if a black child went to a school of white children he will be discriminated. Fortunately, Ruby said a teacher came from Boston to help her and he was the only one that help her. Then in her speech she said, “Thanks to this teacher”. A person who follows her speech on you tube might think she thanks the teacher who help her because she knew without him, she couldn’t do nothing in class. Overall, ruby’s black skin color made her an outsider in the eyes of white students and professors at Louisiana except for the who come from Boston.

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