“Why we need smarter sci-fi movies now more than ever”

Sci-fi movies are some of the most peculiar and diverse movie genres out right now. The article “Why we need smarter sci-fi movies now more than ever ” talks about the benefits that we receive from watching more sci-fi movies. It claims that smarter sci-fi movies (like Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar) must be made because it provides people with a different perspective to things in life and makes them rethink certain subjects. This author directly speaks to the readers of this article in a calm tone while continuously asking why some people don’t seem to interact with sci-fi movies as much as before. The author uses pathos as a method to provide the reader with a glimpse into the emotions that a sci-fi movie can provide, stating “Science-fiction can offer a number of things beyond pure escapism: it can offer a glimmer of hope for humanity, and, perhaps more crucially, it can also hold up a mirror to those currents in society we might not fully understand or recognise yet”. By saying this, the author makes the reader feel curious as to why certain things happen in our everyday world and how sci-fi movies might be able to give them an answer when putting the two worlds up for comparison. 

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