Ghost stories/poems by Edgar Allan Poe

The raven was a very symbolic ghost story/poem written. The sounds of the tapping on his door and the wind rustling fear him for the slightest  but. He calls out wondering and asking who is out there , he yells out “Lenore” who is someone he lost. That shows he’s still in grief about the absence of his loved one. The one word that stood out more throughout the whole poem is “never more” the raven was a sign that could be interpreted in many different ways.  The narrator uses similar words. The bird’s “nevermore” is to the narrator’s  “nothing more,” except that he used “nothing more” to assert rationality, while the bird’s “nevermore” was exactly the opposite.

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  1. Domanique–

    Poe is not his own genre (though one miiigghht be able to make that argument, it’s not your job here). What do you want to focus on? Ghost stories, maybe? Fairy tales? Gothic poetry? Do some research around these different genres and commit to one. See me if I can help!

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