Movie review: The SAW movies

The Saw movies are psychological thrillers. These movies involve crazy murder machines and absurdly intricate storylines.  According to The Hollywood Reporter by THR staff on the first Saw movie, “Saw boasts an undeniably original premise and clever plot machinations that lift it several notches above the usual slasher-film level.”. All eight movies are ranked from best to worst; 1. Saw (2004), 2. Saw II (2005), 3. Saw VI (2009), 4. Saw III (2006), 5. Saw V (2008), 6. Jigsaw (2017), 7. Saw IV (2007), 8. Saw 3D (2010). The first Saw movie is ranked number one because “Upon revisitation, the original Saw is practically quaint compared to the rest of the series, which levels up the gore and transforms the simple starting plot into a Byzantine rat ,as of interlocking and overlapping narratives.”. Saw 3D was the worst movie because “despite the fact that the franchise had accumulated more than $700 million over the course of six movies, and the fact that 3D cost a whopping $20 million to make, the seventh movie felt the cheapest by far.”.

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