“John Keats Love Letter To Fanny Brawne” Steven Polanco

John Keats wrote this letter to his loved one which actually was his neighbor Fanny Brawne as the title said. He was telling her how much he loved her by describing his emotions and telling her that he was insecure of what she actually felt for him. To add, he wanted her to feel the same way he felt that’s why he wrote with a tone of hopeless trying to persuade her to give him or show the same love he shows her, a quote that shows it says “My sweet Fanny, will your heart never change?”. Keats proceeded to achieve that by telling her things that as a lover will make him look more credible and will help him achieve his purpose. The ways he ended the letter when he said “My Love is selfish – I cannot breathe without you”  works pretty well because he lets her know that he’ll keep loving her forever and this may had help her understand that he was telling he about how he felt, was real.

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  1. Steven–great start here. Be sure to include specific details and evidence from your text (specific words and images) when doing your rhetorical analysis, both so your reader can see how you reached your conclusions and also because grounding your analysis in the text will enable you to do more interesting and richer analysis.

    Oh, also, am I right to gather that your genre is the love letter?

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