Shafi’s literacy Narrative

Ashfaque Shafi

Eng1101 09/18/19

Reading and writing nowadays can be frustrating. Ever since I was a kid, reading and writing essays wasn’t really kind of my thing. I mean , who wants to read and write nowadays? We have phones and computers for that. (Even this homework is on computer). Technology has grown so much that we don’t need pen and paper to make notes. A simple click on a phone can do it all. I used to take hours during reading because I would not understand the sentences. I would read a passage and forget about it. Hence, it used to take me longer than usual to understand a passage then write a piece on it. And sometimes I still do. And during writing, I Used to spend so much time planning on what to write, then rush into writing and trying to finish because I don’t have time anymore. I never really liked writing. However, after coming to this country , I started off with hardship. I realized what life really is. What being an adult really is when I had to take care of my entire family. I had two jobs and was paying all the bills and feeding the family. It was stressful. But I never complained because they are my family. I lived in Michigan for a year then I moved to New York to study and Pursue my dreams. But things got even worse over here. I have a lot of friends here in New York that are always there for me. Due to few personal situations I had to go through , I noticed, talking about it really didn’t help me relief my stress. So I decided to write. I wrote everything that was bothering me as if I’m talking to someone. I started Writing all my problems down as if I was sharing my deep secrets to someone. I felt kinda peace from it. I noticed that the thing I never really liked, is the thing that really helped me out through all the stress and other issues I had. Writing just helps me stay calm because I’m all alone and writing whatever I want with no one bother me- just me sharing my feelings to help me relieve from stress.

This has changed the way I completely see reading and writing. For me it’s not frustrating anymore. I realize the skills we learned in school about reading and writing, actually helped me a lot. Writing reduces the level of stress and actually increases the focus level drastically. It helps you become smarter, to bring back your imagination. Typing something on a screen will not make you smarter or relaxed, neither it will help you be creative. That’s why I agree with the education system. Not only their help you learn, they also open up your imagination, motivate you to build or create new things, such as storytelling, arts and crafts etc. It also clears your mind and helps you learn better. When we are using our electronic devices, a chemical named Dr. mine is released in your brain, which makes you feel good because you are using on the phone. So, in situations like this, or brain is too busy waiting to receive messages, emails, etc. Our brain is not functioning properly like it is supposed to. Instead of thinking, the brain is just waiting. Hence, the level of creativity is reduced. So, I think the way American education systems are structured, it helps improve our brain focus and creativity level and helps us become a better person. However, I do support electronic use. It makes life so much easier because it is faster to get work done. I think we can all agree without technology our life would have been so much harder. But I feel like sometimes we need A break from technology and write the old fashioned way.

My personal experience is I feel relieved and peace when I write So for any essay homework that needs to be submitted online, I first write down my draft, then I use the dictation feature on my phone to type up my essay to make it quicker or I just scan my writing and send it to my professor as an attachment. Because of the piece I find on writing, I fully support the American education system with their way of helping students build and improve their imagination and creativity

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