Literacy Narrative


  By   FNU Adeel 

ENG 1101:English                Literacy Narrative composition I C379/D379 


            I don’t know what hurts me more than the fact that I moved to America and being unable to speak English. After I came to this country, unfortunately, I faced many problems. The problem was that my family’s financial problems not having job. One of the biggest problems was that not knowing the language. It was hard to find a job and I felt like flair  because i had a struggle to communicate with others. My only fear was that success would be hard to achieve however, deep down I know one of my strongest qualities l is that I always seek success and never quit.Then My experience with English wasn’t too bad. When I recently came into United States i felt like I will never fit into this environment because English is my second language. The first day in my computer class my teacher gave a dictionary so whenever I have problems with English I look words meaning first in my language so I can remember that word. Dictionary was my first thing to start knowing English then I started watching movies to speak with accents. First semester even my English teacher told me that you should take PM classes ecause I wasn’t passing that class . Then I took evening classes to improve my English. First semester I got failing grades then I start with a new beginning and improved my grades up to 85 %,95%. Then English was my favorite subject which I never ever failed. I read my first book called “A Child Called It”and my experience was great with reading books. Every day I come to my school I learned a new thing a new vocabulary word I take notes and look for meanings . Then I joined volleyball in my school so I can interact with more people. I spoke my broken English in class and whoever I talked too never feel ashamed because I was there to learn something if i’m wrong teachers will correct me. I knew who ever is in this roon with me nobody is perfect in English they are here to learn too. I loved working in groups so I can learn how each person has a different idea than me. I’m good at learning is when I watch videos so it creates an image in my mind so I never forget. I started working at a pharmacy and I wasn’t good at communicating with customers at that time but now i’m very happy to go to work and meet with different people and also help people who don’t speak English because im Trilingual.My experiences with English was good because I wanted to learn English and  anyone can learn English if you are willing to do so . I think that Malcolm X, story is similar to mine because we had to learn something new which we never did before. But everyday when I get to learn something I remember it. This struggle has shaped me to face any problems that I have. This struggle with language as ESL student shaped to me a successful high school student. The struggle with English make me stronger so I can communicate with people with confidence and show who I am and where I have came from. Today I have a good job and learned that there is a good time after a hard time. It is easy to be successful in any part of the world if you know (learn) the language of the country that most people speak. When I see different students from different cultures I feel more motivated and positive. In the beginning I felt like I won’t be able to achieve higher education however now I realize that im capable of higher education and that will give me more opportunities to improve myself. I’m first in my family who is in college and I will make my family proud and be an example to others in my community. And I know there is only one way higher education which will help me to obtain my career opportunities and my dream job. I have full confidence that I will keep working hard in college and turn into my success. English was important to me because it gave me the power to speak for myself. Learning English marked my relationship to reading books and novels. English is a language that always give you something new to learn a new vocabulary that you learn in your life by a lesson that makes you remember words for forever. I would say English is not just a language, it means to explore. 

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