literacy narrative

 Learning English is very difficult for us Chinese-speaker. Especially for writing, my writing level is very poor.

    In the first year of immigration to the United States, I couldn’t understand what the teacher said in class. I couldn’t finish my homework every time. In the second year, the situation got better. I started to keep up with the teacher’s progress.  I also understood what the teacher said in class.

¬†¬†When learning English, the hardest thing for me is reading and writing. I don’t understand what the author wants to say, and I don’t know how to write the text. The essay teacher who wrote at the beginning gave a low score.

 After that, I often go to see some good compositions in the Internet and some time i will do the homework with my friends. 

   I remember that soon after I came to the United States, my writing ability was very poor. I often wrote quiet as quite, and also wrote angle as angel. Sometimes I wrote diary as a dairy. The teacher was very helpless to me.After so much writing, my writing has become better.

¬†¬†¬†Compare China and the United States. They have great differences in the learning of children and students. China is more focused on indoctrinating education, while American universities value practice and creative thinking in practice. Therefore, domestic students often have amazing memory and a good foundation in mathematics, which is why Chinese students can achieve good results in exam-oriented education. In the United States, higher education requires students to participate, practice, and create. Many courses are arranged with case study and discussion time, as well as student-centered teaching activities such as case analysis and presentation, so that learning is passive and active. Can more stimulate students’ self-awareness and thinking.

¬†¬†The calculation of Western students’ grades is: classroom discipline and attendance rate are part of the work, part-time homework scores are part of the group, group interaction discussion is part of the paper, and thesis writing and defense accounts for more than half. From these aspects, the comprehensive situation of students is comprehensively evaluated and compared. Objective and fair. In China, grades are important for students, parents, and schools. High school students do not attend classes and do not write homework. As long as you get a good grade in the college entrance examination, you can enter a famous university.

  Americans are self-reliant, pragmatic and focus on their individual abilities, dare to take risks, openness and innovation, etc., so that American education presents the current quality and strong quality education. American teachers admit that each child has his or her own talent and encourages them to work hard to develop their own strengths. The United States cultivates people who have real skills. For example, the United States trained more than 300 billionaires from 1980 to the present. And countless Nobel winners. This is what the American founder, Washington, said: Let Americans enjoy the best education.


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