A Teacher’s Advice

Angel Torres

The final advice my teacher told me in my last class of elementary school was, “I was in your shoes when I was younger, if I can do it, you can too.” The reason was because the way she grew up was almost the same as me, I didn’t know any english in my early life since I was the first generation here in the United States, my parents came from Mexico and didn’t know any english at that time, so I grew up with spanish as my first language. It was really difficult for me to speak, read and write English in my classes and some teachers helped me thought out the school years. But the words my teacher told me were like a huge motivation to continue my journey and a guide for me because we both had similares in our early years. The words she told me that I can reach my goals and dreams for my future. She was a great example for her students in her classes because she was on her way to having her own career and guided students to be the best they can be for future classes and education. She was also a very trustworthy person and someone to talk to when you needed her. Some examples were at I always asked for help when I needed it and every time I had a chance I would stay after school with a few other friends to get extra help and learn more advanced  english. At first it was really difficult, then hard, then normal and over time it became easy for me with patience and practice. My friends and I used to meet up for group presentations or group work after school and teach each other the english language and help on what we didn’t understand. Also with homework help and prepare for upcoming tests and essays. With the amount of years that pasted learning and mastering every skill and basic rules, my friends and I all became really good at the english language and made our teacher so proud of us. Now that I’m older and understand the bright future she saw in me was to see myself as a student to can accomplish anything with commitment, motivation and pride. The sad part of my life was leaving those that taught me the english language and how they changed the lives of others students and my own life as well. Thanks to her, I taught my little brother and my little sister the english language. They both learned a lot quicker and easier then me, and they gave a lot of thanks for that, I also taught my parents and now they speak, write two languages and I keep teaching them up to this day. Now this motivates me even more now that I have changed my family’s life and now they all know english thanks to me. Specially my teacher that changed my life first and now I follow that path to changing my family life.

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