unit 1 literacy narrative

Unit 1 literacy narrative

E1101 Justin Bartholomew

The Importance of Learning English
In elementary school, I never like to read or write. Few years later, I gain knowledge by learning something new from reading a newspaper article or from reading the author’s stores. Writing allow me to take more time to put in my thoughts so that I can communicate better. I learned that reading and writing is one of the most important ways to develop my learning experience because it develops my communication skills, it can help me to get my education, and it allow me to build up my ideas.
I believe that reading and writing can improve my communication. When I read, I feel more confidence of English language. Reading also build up my vocabulary that allows me to speak English with different words. When I get comfortable of speaking, most of the time my teachers can understanding what I am saying. When even I talking to someone one on one, I always think about what sentence I will say before I speak. As I keep reading it will increase my vocabulary and I will feel more comfortable while I am speaking. Writing is a way to help me to form my sentences to my grammar.
Reading and writing is one of the best ways for getting an education. During in elementary school, I wasn’t good at reading or writing. My teacher told me that I was better at writing than reading because I had good ideas to write down my example for each paragraph. In high school, when I heard students that they had something to study for in college, it took me a while to figure out what I want to study for in college. That’s when I realize that reading and writing is important because in college to get to the classes that I want to study for, I need to pass classes that involved with reading and writing such as English and social studies.
Developing our thoughts by reading or writing will allow us to improve our argument in the real world. I remember in high school, I had a lot of information about writing an argument essay that was about smoking in parks should be illegal from reading “Whatever the Science Shows, Banning Smoking in Parks Makes Sense” by James Colgrove. Based on the argument, I agree with the author and I had supported my reasons by explaining how smoking can cause a health risk and nonsmokers will get effected by smokers for being around public spaces. Reading this text make me think back at the time when I had been seeing many people be smoking near by parks and beaches people didn’t have a chose but to inhale the cigarette smoke.
I believe reading or writing is important in our daily lives because it guide us to get an educated job and develop our relationships. Writing stories or an argument is also one of the best ways to communicate with others. Writing gives me more time to focus to write down more of my thoughts, when I read, it allows me the ability to learn more information to develop my communication such having the ability to talk to one of my classmates. Learning English can help us to reach our goal such as finishing our classes.

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