literacy narrative

Throughout my life, I’ve never really enjoyed reading, writing or speaking.

When it came to reading I hate it so very much. That might be weird but I

just find reading very dull. Although I dislike reading, I feel like if I do it

more often it could help me and my brain. A reason why I feel like I dislike ‘

reading is maybe because of the books that I have read. I don’t enjoy what I

am reading. The only books that I can remember enjoying are the book

series Diary Of a Wimpy Kid. Although I don’t like reading books, I do enjoy

reading blogs and news on the web. I also used to enjoy reading the

newspapers, as I would be curious to find out what was going on. Although I

don’t enjoy reading, I try to read and I will forever try as I can see the

benefits of it. Now when it came to writing, I don’t enjoy it because I

literally will have brain farts while trying to think of something to write

about. Even though I don’t like it, throughout my life I have written

so much. I have written from personal biographies to other people

biographies to essays and summaries. I feel good sometimes when I write

because I can write what I feel. I can express my mind from brainstorming

and then writing. I have many pros and cons when it comes to writing

because my writing could be either very good or very bad. When I don’t

know what to write, sometimes I don’t even write. Although my writing can

be bad if I am into what im writing it may come out very good. A goal of

mine since I was a kid was to write a journal and write something every day

but that never happened. I hope one day I can still achieve that goal. Writing

is not in my best interest but it would be my best trait when it comes to

literacy. When I was a kid, I used to be a big mouth and I would like to talk

about literally everything and gossip. Now I feel like I am a little antisocial

as I don’t really like to talk to people or talk in general. Like \if I was to

present something in front of a crowd, I would not feel comfortable.

Although talking might seem easy for others I feel like a lot of people don’t

feel comfortable talking in crowds or out loud. This is only the case for me

when I am in unknown territory and I am not familiar with any one. If you

get to know me or we are close I could probably be one of the best people to

talk Since my reading, writing, and speaking aren’t up to what I expect

them to be, I will take full advantage of this class and other classes like my

public speaking class to improve overall in my literacy.

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