My personal experience with reading/writing

One personal experience that i had with reading or writing was when i read the book “A child called it”. Before i continue with anything, this book was about a boy that would get very mistreated by his own mother and it was actually very devastating to read. I read this book about a summer ago mainly because i had nothing else to do. I remember one of my friends telling me that this book was amazing to read so i decided to give it a try. I remember that i had started reading the book off my phone at midnight and the first couple of chapters weren’t so bad but as i went on i was reading about how his mother would make him starve and wouldn’t give him any food. But then it got way worse to the point where she would torture her son leaving him mentally traumatized and physically hurt. The reason i bring this personal reading experience to attention is because while i was reading this book i just imagined myself in this little boys shoes and just think about all the harsh things he had to deal with all alone made my heart ache. He had other siblings but he was the only one being tortured because his mother hated him for no apparent reason. It made me very emotional and i cried more than three times. And then to find out that this story was based on a true story and was actually written by the little boy that was being tortured. I was in complete shock that a boy that came from such a harsh back round made it big in life and became an author. This was a powerful message to all the readers especially me. I think this reading was really a message to tell us that no matter what happens there is always a bright side.