Personal Experience.

I dont necessarily remember this moment, but I remember my mother telling me that I was ahead of  all the other kids in my year because most of the kids, since they were latin and some of them were the only child so they grew up only talking, reading, and writing in Spanish, had to take a bilingual class. Me, on the other hand, didn’t have to take a bilingual class since I already knew how to talk, read, and write in Spanish. So since english wasn’t a problem for me, I got to learn advanced materials than all the other kids. I even got to skip a grade. While everyone else had to take an extra class because their english wasn’t the best and their skills in reading and writing also weren’t the best. I obviously still had a teacher who spoke both english and Spanish because of the neighborhood I grew up in that was made up of hispanics and latinos. But because my teachers were starting to be only english speakers, my Spanish was fading away. I was starting to forget how to write, read, and say certain words in Spanish. English was starting to take over my Spanish. Which was beginning to scare me because I didn’t want to forget my first language, the language I use to be able to communicate with my family. So I began, not only talking to my sister in english, but in Spanish too. I’d also start writing and reading a lot more in Spanish than I’d use to. So not only was I got in reading, writing, and talking in Spanish but also in english.

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