Personal Experience Essay

I was raised by heroes. Heroes who escaped the world of darkness to raise me in a world of hope and light. My parents Elbadry and Noura, are two of the bravest and unselfish people that I have ever had the privilege to know. Sacrificing everything to move to a new and strange land, they picked up and touched their entire lives to make sure that my life would be bursting with infinite opportunities. Being one of four children, I found it surprising how they were able to give equal amounts of love, understanding, and attention to all of us. It seems to be strange, but I believe they have more to offer.
My father works hard in this country. Some might even say that for a while, he struggled, and he did. Having lived through half your life already, and changing everything for the benefit of your family is not an easy task to adjust. It didn’t help that people in this country treated us differently because my parents didn’t speak or understand the language. Religion played a role, as Muslims we were hated upon and treated differently, working in a non-native country wasn’t easy. However, he endured and attempted that we thrived in this exotic country. As i watched my father work hard, while I didn’t do much as I grew up, I have tried my best on improving my self in school. One of my favorite subjects is math. Having to take an English class was a bet struggle for me just because i never liked to be told to read or write. i received an email from City Tech that accepted to the college, but first, need to take one semester at BEOC program to help me with my writing skills. Mr.Cameras inspired me on how to be in love with writing and educate me with reading. The girl I was that had a headphone on and listened to music on the train every day now opens a book or randomly search something online to educate my self about life.

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