Personal Essay

During my time in school, mainly around elementary school, I used to write little comics during my spare time in class, sometimes at home but mostly in class. I don’t really remember the grade when I started, but I was always into writing those little comic strips and writing these stick figures getting into little adventures in modern times. It was fun. Come high school, I was in a play writing class for about 2 years. I enjoyed it, even if it was the same recipe for both years but it was fun. Fun to act, fun to judge, fun to watch other people act, overall it was a class I enjoyed. Writing these long prompts for plays that would be over 10 pages long, sometimes 20! I still have my play writing prompts somewhere on google and I like looking back at what I wrote back then. I’ve had some sort of a thing for writing if I’m given enough time to complete a task. Finishing it up, getting those errors fixed and even adding some more detail to the writing if I see that something is missing from it. Essays can be a pain sometimes but they pretty easy to write once you know what to put down on that paper or keyboard.  I like writing, it lets me express myself and to really just pass the time if I’m bored. It’s a hate/love thing, but I can handle it. Looking forward to see what this year will make me write about.

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