Opinion editorial (op-ed)

Kaufman, Kenn. “Opinion: As a birder, I see the effects of climate change every day. Now, Audubon has quantified the threat.”Los Angeles Times, https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2019-10-10/climate-change-bird-species-threatened Accessed 10 October 2019.

          The rise in global temperature is particularly notable for birdwatchers due to the direct impact warmer temperatures have on the habitable ranges for specific bird species. Kaufman uses current research from the National Audubon Society where “scientists . . . analyzed the current geographic ranges of 604 North American bird species, and modeled how those ranges would change at different levels of warming” to strengthen his argument. In presenting the argument in this manner, the author appeals to the logical correlation between increased global temperatures and the emotional investment birdwatchers have as a group of individuals regardless of varying political views with a shared passion – birds. Birds, as a focal point, appeal to hobbyists and conservationists alike. Kaufman ensures that the targeted audience is convinced, noting that with the increase in temperature swaths of bird species will no longer exist. This statement implies a correlative and fatal impact of global temperature rise, which is the destruction of entire ecosystems.

          “Survival by Degrees” which he cited, birds which lived in tropical areas can be seen in most of the state of California, and 389 North American species of birds will disappear if the temperature of the globe goes up by three degrees Celsius. Birds play a crucial role in keeping down insect populations and serving as food themselves for larger predators. Eventually, he mentioned that we can still fix this problem by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions as individuals and governments. 

Light Music

Light music is my favorite music genre. Light music can make people work hard, relieve stress, avoid chronic diseases, etc. These are medically based. In medical research, it is found that frequent contact with light music rhythm and rhythm can have certain effects On the brain wave, heartbeat, gastrointestinal motility, magnetic induction, etc., and thus make the body and mind healthy. The invisible power of music far exceeds personal imagination, so listening to light music and appreciating light music is a very common life adjustment for modern People. I always listen light music after class, it makes me feel relaxed. When I feel unpleasant, I will listen to some lighter music. It can give me a good mood. In a sense, it can cure my bad mood. Piano Prince Richard Clayderman is my favorite light music artist, his music works can easily bring you into a dreamlike scene. In the few seconds before his famous work “The Wedding in Dreams”, the piano sounds seem to have an unknown power to bring you into the wedding hall. This song is full of his mysterious feeling about the wedding. He can tell what he imagines in a song without lyrics. This is the place where he is most attracted to me. Although there is no lyrics in light music, but it can make the audience feel the same. I believe this is the most magical place for light music.


Spoken Poetry- Amberly Wegele

Amberly Wegele



10 October 2019

Spoken Poetry

                    Poetry is a piece of literature that includes a series of devices that help shape a deeper meaning into a short amount of words. All types of poetry are fascinating, but my favorite type of spoken word poetry. It gives the audience a better view of the poet’s words as they are able to see and hear and feel what the poet is presenting.  In Olivia Gatwood’s “ Ode to the Women on Long Island”, she describes her gratitude towards the women on Long Island and makes the audience feel the same. Gatwood is a writer, a poet, and a feminist.  She uses a heavy accent to emphasize her lines when she speaks as the people in her poem. This to me was mesmerizing because she’s so forward with her words and accent and it made me think I was in Long Island. She wrote this for all females, trying to inspire them to be kind to one another and listen to others’ stories and to be like women she describes in her poem. She speaks about how the women are vicious toward each other but have so many beautiful priceless stories and love in them. She describes how the women are exactly that, women. They stick together and give advice along with their stories. They stand up for women when faced with danger and never show fear, they don’t let a man make them feel any less than they are, no matter who the man is. I love this poem because of her strong words and her strong voice, this is thanks to Gatwood’s use of pathos. Her words and voice and accents trigger an emotional reaction to the audience as she constantly mentions the women on Long Island. This poem is one of the two poems that made me want to listen to more spoken poetry.

Steve Jobs’ “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” – Speech

Steve Jobs, one of Americas most recognizable figures uses his speech at Stanford to help inspire the many students who are graduating and entering the real world. The Argument he poses is to follow their dreams and to do work that they love and find fulfilling. He uses his own experiences in life to help bolster his argument. this brings about an emotional connection between his speech and audience(Pathos) in particular when he brings up the topics of “Love & Loss” and “Death”.

His story of love was how he found the work he loved to do at a young age and is thankful for the success and the change he has brought due to his work though the loss comes in the form of him getting fired at the company he co-founded with a good friend of his. This example can ring true to many people who have dedicated their lives to the things they love only to have it taken away from them. His topic of death also comes from his own experience in the form of pancreatic cancer and how this brush with death really changed his outlook on life and how this experience with death made him do things he should have done a long time ago. He uses this to connect to the audience saying death is something inevitable and something we must all face yet we shouldn’t wait till it lingers over us to start living life as if the next day may be our last.

He also uses Ethos as the co-founder of a multi billion dollar company known as Apple to help bring his point across. He states he didn’t graduate college yet that didn’t stop him from finding work that he loved to do stating no matter the background you can find your “Purpose”.

Restaurant/ Food Reviews

Everyone has their favorite restaurant to go eat their preferred meals at. They tell others about their favorite cuisine or platter at the specific place, but they’re opinion is way different from what others say. For example, a close family friend told my family and I about a Puerto Rican Resturant/ Night club, called Don Coqui. They are known for their fancy scenery and food.

My family and I went to test this theory out and basically taste this great food their know for. Upon arrival, I could say that it is a very fancy looking scenery. I was in awe about the setting and guessing, with a very fancy setting the food should be splendid as well. The food chooses they offered were great, but the food itself was bad. My family and I were not pleased with the food. For instance I knew my sister hated her food because she loves herself chicken tenders and the chicken tenders were VERY bad. I didn’t know it was possible to mess up chicken tenders, but they did.

After going to that Resturant, with the mindset of having a great dinner experience, it can completely back fire. Knowing that peoples opinions are influenced on a lot of aspects, the reviews can be positive because you can over look the bad. As an example, I looked up yelp reviews on the Resturant after the experience, and say that there were more positive reviews on the scenery of it. Everything in a review should be taken into account which, some of the reviews presented. Going to a place you are unfamiliar with, you should take account of different opinions from people, and go in with an open mind because no everyone have the same taste buds.

Rhetorical Analysis-Love Poems

People all over the world have their own way of expressing their love, be it text, phone call, love letters, face to face confession, love poems. The one that really captivates me the most is love poems. Writing a poem to the one you love is a sweet thing to do, and can show that you really care about that person enough to put words together to convey how you feel. A poem that speaks out to me is by Ernest Hemingway , “empty spaces”, that he wrote for the women he loves. Hemingway writes about empty spaces in your heart, when people you care about leave you, it’s not the end of the world, your heart will just be empty until the right person comes along. Hemingway most likely wrote his love poems in his home and he wrote all his love poems to the women he loves. Hemingway had four wives and wrote all of them love letters/poems to express his love. The rhetorical appeals that the love poem, “empty spaces”, that the author uses is pathos. I say pathos because when it comes to love, it’s based on your emotions. Especially when he says when their empty spaces in your heart, some say you can never be strong, but that means there’s enough space to grow and for people you care about to come along and fill that hole. Hemingway wants his audience to see that the people who leave you just aren’t meant to be in your life, but he won’t and is the right person to make you feel whole again. Just like every guy, he wants the woman he has feelings for to be happy and not empty around them.

This too shall pass and you will be okay again


Spider-Man 2 review by Roger Ebert

Ebert makes a strong claim at the beginning of his review stating “Now this is what a superhero should be”. for someone like Ebert he is loved by people and have a deep trust in his review. Ebert tells people how the movie connects with us in today’s world and the same struggles that we face.  Ebert states ” the film weight to all of its elements”.  The words he uses signifies what type of movie it is and why you should seek out to go and watch it. Ebert believes that most movies he would not recommend for others because they wouldn’t like it but this movie is something hat you should seek out and watch.

Hip hop

Hip hop is on of my favorite genres of music. It’s been around for many years impacting society in many ways. There are all kinds of beats, rhythm , and lyrics. From jazz to pop to hip hop, the types of music people listen to and can have an impact on them. Hip hop has been promoting social and political awareness for the people of today. Rap music educated people from several different perspectives and raises many social issues. Rap helps people speak freely about their opinion or view on either political or social issues. And by speaking freely,  it causes teenagers today to become concerned and aware of the things these artist talk about. This is important because it helps bring positive change in society. Hip hop is just a naturally way for people to express themselves or to relate to. When I listen to hip hop I can feel the energy the artist bring. Either it can be sad, happy, sad and etc. For me hip hop music just calms me down and it’s just gets you in a vibe. One of my favorite hip hop artist is J Cole. The way he tells stories in his songs you can just feel his energy. One good song I like from him is called “Be free”. He talks about the death of micheal brown who had got shot by a white police officer. So he wrote the songs about how he feels and people like me feel where he’s coming from and feel the way he feel. And this is why I like his music because he just tell great stories with his lyrics. Rap music has slowly envolved into different things. It had helped people today in many  ways  meaning finding ways out of difficult situations, using the lyrics to relate to there lives and finding a meaning to them. This words help us understand  the world and it help us understand ourselfs. It’s something for us to fall back on. Even though there a lot of good things to say about hip hop ,the one special thing I can just say is that it brings people together

Due Friday, October 11–Rhetorical Analysis of One Text in your Chosen Genre

Here is your opportunity to practice the rhetorical analysis we started in class! After reading the Annotated Bibliography prompt, do some research and thinking before you decide which genre you want to become an expert on in Unit 2. Then, choose a text that falls within that genre and rhetorically analyze it in this post. (Check out the Annotated Bibliography prompt again to review the features within and surrounding your text that you should consider when doing your rhetorical analysis).

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