Power Review

Everyone has their own favorite TV show. Well mine is Power which streams on the television channel Starz. People have their own taste but I prefer shows with crime and real life issues. Written by Tim Goodman “Power seemingly wants to be a show that tells a big, complicated, meaningful story about, well, the perils and problems of power and how one man deals with them. That man is James “Ghost” St. Patrick “. This show , showed things that could happen in a man’s life and how he dealt with them even though his method isn’t always the right way . I started watching this because my friends recommended it to me and I binged watched it ever since . Other people don’t like this show because they believe they see it as more of a soap opera which is also said by Tim Goodman .

History of Hip Hop by Matt Errey

The general of thia text is about Hip Hop, in the text the author tells about how the Hip Hop music was founded, in this text we can see the writer uses many ethos in it, because Hip Hop music is a culture, he also separate Hip Hop into two different categories, the old school and new school, the writer also post some the the popular song to show people the culture of Hip Hop, the tone that the author used is fun, and the purpose that the author wrote this text because he wants to share this culture with people, and let people who like this culture learn the history of it, we can see that the author is trying to spread this culture, because this is very fun to share with people;e, and we can see that the author really like Hip Hop music a lot.