Cover Letter

The cover letter is usually posted to the recruiter along with the resume, which is used to inform the recruiter about his motivation to apply for the position. When you’re applying for a job, a cover letter lets you show a personal side and demonstrate why hiring you is a smart decision.

Julianne Ruth. “Brain Injury Survivor: The Story of an Actress”. Kickresume network. 11 oct.2017

This cover letter mainly describes the author’s work experience and injury experience. At the beginning of the article, the author tells that she is the fashion show model of the Polish Fashion Week. She has represented many famous people. And produced a TV series with the director Allen Bauer. Then she had suffered serious injuries in 2014. In the process of recovery, she re-learned to walk and speak. By reciting her lines, she found herself harder and more resilient than before. Finally, the author said that she has a charisma and dedication. The tone of this letter is cheerful. Julianne Ruth said “I’m sure you will find that my charisma and dedication will be an asset to your company” It used simile,simile is a figure of speech comparing two unlike things that is often introduced by like or as (as in cheeks like roses). Author said her charisma and dedication is helpful for company,It seem like an asset. For a company, asset means money what is most lacking as a company. The use of this simile is attractive to the reader’s needs, and the reader hopes that the company will consider more from her merits whether to give her a good position.

Andrea Kesay. “Motivation letter: Community Enivronmental legal officers for Coastal region”. Kickresume network. 17 June.2016

This cover letter mainly talks about how the author contributes to the improvement of the environment and hopes to obtain the position of environmental law officer. At the beginning of the article, the author talks about the contradiction between human resources development and the beautiful environment. Excessive development must cause damage to the environment. Because of the study, the author, participated in the Japanese team to protect the environment, and contributed to Japan’s low-carbon life navigation in 2050. He want to get the position of Environmental Law Officer, because he understand the difference between development and implementation of environmental laws in Kenya. He writes this formal letter to the government for prove that he has enough work experience and he has the ability to implement the law to protect the environment. The author hopes that the Kenyan government understands that he has such strength. Andrea Kesay said “I would like to be part of the team that finds remedies for the communities to be able to live in harmony with the environment so that we can eliminate future conflict. I believe right governance and good policies, which are implemented well, are one of the key ingredients for sustainability.” It expressed the author’s eagerness to participate in environmental protection and praised the Kenyan government’s policy is correct. It takes care of the reader’s feelings and shows that he can play a very good role in environmental protection in Kenya.

Sandy Mclarker. “I want to get a Peer Study Team Leader position”. Kickresume network. 1 Aug. 2017

This cover letter focuses on how the author demonstrates his strengths by introducing his or her own learning experience. First of all, the author tells that he studied very seriously at the University of Toronto and won important awards. He then introduced himself to participate in the work in the process of learning. At work, he worked seriously, so the position was improved. Then, he said that he was living independently through speeches. He is a foreign student, so he encountered many difficulties in college in the first year. But he loves learning and patiently overcomes all the difficulties. The tone of this letter is funny. The author happily introduced himself to help others and has a lot of time to do the job. In addition, the author also said that he can not only be responsible for this job, but he can also handle more complicated situations. Author said “It might sound nerdy, but there is nothing more rewarding to me than helping other people succeed. I have always had a real love for learning, and I feel most fulfilled when I get to share my love with others. This passion has guided me to leadership roles throughout my life. ” Here is the author who is a person likes to help others.This quality is what the leader needs most. Since the job he applied for is a leader, this part of the content can give readers more appeal.

Julius Malema. “Financial Analyst Position”. Kickresume network. 31 Oct.1999

This cover letter mainly talks about the author’s ability to help organizations improve their functions in the financial sector, as well as many achievements and internships during college. Finally, his travels around the world gave him a lot of insights. The author officially talks about his experience of traveling around the world. He learns the management methods of different economic situations in different countries in the process of traveling around the world. The purpose is to reflect his rich knowledge and tell the company that he can cope with various difficulties. At the same time, he said that he has the qualifications and abilities required by the company. Julius Malema said: “my hope is to work for an organization like Hylant, with ideals.” The author compares himself to a large organization. In order to let recruiters know that their ability level is relatively high.

Mary Parker. “Commercial Operation Specialist”. Kickresume network. 2nd Oct. 1997

This cover letter is mainly about the author who has 5 years of experience in commercial work and works for many big brands. He also has a variety of data analysis capabilities, he likes to study mathematics and solve problems. He funnyly introduced himself to working in a big brand company. He always gets the attention of the boss because of his intelligence. The author speaks about these experiences in order to show that he can do so well in his work at a big company. So hiring him to the company will definitely bring huge profits to the company. He said “I’ve built my career in a variety of roles and industries, mostly in international companies such as PANDORA, IKEA, JABRA & VELUX, where I’m used to wearing many hats.”In here the author uses a simile to compare a famous brand to a hat. Highlighted his strength. He told recruiters that he can make famous brands like a small thing. The recruiter may think that he is a person who must be hired, so the author has achieved his goal.

Restaurant Review Annotated Bibliography

Wells, Pete. “At Tsismis, Filipino American Drinking Food Worth Talking About.” At Tsismis Filipino American Drinking Food Worth Talking About, vol. 3, no. 10, 22 Oct. 2019,

In this article, the author argues that this restaurant embraces all cultures by posting different languages of welcome on their walls and front doors. The restaurant focuses more on Filipino meals. Based on the author’s description, the food is well made and presented most of the time. A background information of the owner was given to show how experienced he was and how he made his restaurant popular in new york. the owner of the restaurant traveled to different countries, got different ideas then formulated and processed it into his menu and his style of cooking. In the body paragraph, the author gave some bad critic. the drinks were overdone sometimes and the food was also overcooked but this bad service doesn’t happen regularly but overall the author gave good critics which overshadowed the bad ones. He later concluded that this restaurant is worth talking about in new york city.

Wells, Pete. “At Tsismis, Filipino American Drinking Food Worth Talking About.” At Tsismis Filipino American Drinking Food Worth Talking About, vol. 3, no. 10, 22 Oct. 2019,

N, merry. “Three Short Restaurant Review.” Fredericksblogger, 25 Aug. 2010,

bavarian chef, The author gave good complement to the restaurant but kept saying it was expensive. he criticized by saying the place lacks coziness and the acoustics were lousy but focused more on the food. the food wasn,t special and he will only go there just for some drinks.

green turtle sports bar and grill, for this restaurant the author argued and made her critics on the bad services offered at the restaurant and how the place was too overcrowded. the food wasn,t bad but it was a Saturday night so they couldn’t,t stay for a long period of time. there was no organization and professionalism in the restaurant.

The melting pot, this restaurant had good decoration but the author argued that the food was very expensive and wasn,t worth the price. they were asked to cook for themselves because it was the tradition of the restaurant. they gave them the ingredients and heat which was very unprofessional to the author.

N, merry. “Three Short Restaurant Review.” Fredericksblogger, 25 Aug. 2010,
Cuozzo, Steve. “Veggie-Forward Le Jardinier Isn’t as Healthy as It Looks.” New York Post,
The author argues that they are a few vegetarian dishes and zero vegan dishes on the menu. images are displayed to show the public that they serve healthy vegan food but in reality is something else. the author manage to talk to the chef. the chef disagreed and tried to convinced the author that a meal should be about a balanced diet but not trying to be healthy. this restaurant hype greens but doesn’t include a large portion in the meals or menus. they just display meals full of greens on advertisement just to attract customers.
Cuozzo, Steve. “Veggie-Forward Le Jardinier Isn’t as Healthy as It Looks.” New York Post, New York Post, 19 June 2019,
Ames, Bobbie. “New York DELIcious.” Good Life Family Magazine, 28 Dec. 2015,
In this restaurant review, the author talked about how eating deli food has changed her mindset towards her local deli shops. It was her first time getting a whole meal from the deli shop. she normally goes to the deli shop to get snacks but doesn’t,t really pay attention to their menu. she went there with her children and they were amazed by the taste of the food. They loved the food so much and recommended the deli place to their friends and family. They were no bad critics or comments in this restaurant review.
Ames, Bobbie. “New York DELIcious.” Good Life Family Magazine, 28 Dec. 2015,


Motivational speeches

Luis Angel Vasquez                                                                                                            10/26/19 

English 1101


“Ancient History Sourcebook: Arrian: Speech of Alexander the Great, from The Campaigns of Alexander.” Internet History Sourcebooks, 

This speech by Alexander the Great was used to motivate his troops when he sought to conquer India. At this point in his campaign many had lost the motivation or will to continue. “I observe, gentlemen, that when I would lead you on a new venture you no longer follow me with your old spirit. I have asked you to meet me that we may come to a decision together: are we, upon my advice, to go forward, or, upon yours, to turn back?” he poses a question to his soldiers to insinuate that they have a choice and that he will hear them out if they hear him. He then list’s all the lands that he and his army have conquered together to show them the fruits of their labor and that if they were to stop there would be many warlike people left who would have to be conquered sooner or later going as far as to use his ancestors failed campaigns in which they stopped their conquest. He states “I could not have blamed you for being the first to lose heart if I, your commander, had not shared in your exhausting marches and your perilous campaigns; it would have been natural enough if you had done all the work merely for others to reap the reward. But it is not so. You and I, gentlemen, have shared the labor and shared the danger, and the rewards are for us all. The conquered territory belongs to you; from your ranks the governors of it are chosen”. This is powerful in motivating his forces to keep going because they have been through the trenches and had gruesome battles but Alexander has been they’re with them in each of those battles as a king and as a fellow soldier he also exploits their greed reminding them of the riches, power and glory given to them. He claims if we do not continue then all we have worked for will have been for naught so we must continue.

Theodore Roosevelt – The Man with the Muck-Rake, Eidenmuller, Michael E. 

The Man with the Muck-rake reveals to the public eye the necessity of exposing the filth left behind by monopolies. Though he does not advocate attacking or exposing the filth while adding muck that was never there to begin with. “The liar is no whit better than the thief, and if his mendacity takes the form of slander he may be worse than most thieves. It puts a premium upon knavery untruthfully to attack an honest man, or even with hysterical exaggeration to assail a bad man with untruth.” Theodore is in support of the muckrakers yet with this statement he shuns the journalist who seek reform yet use lies instead of facts,

stating they are no better than the thieves they seek to stop. Roosevelt wants muckrakers to pursue reform yet he believes that reform should be sought after with truth and states muckrakers who try to use slander to advance their pursuit are even worse than thieves and the businessmen they seek to take down. 

Jim Carrey’s Commencement Address with Transcript. Motivation Mentalist, 8 Sept. 2015,

Jim Carrey, comedian, actor and writer spoke at Maharishi university in 2014. His commencement speech while humorous and entertaining told a larger story of self doubt, fear and conformity afflicting the minds and hearts of many if not all people. He first brings up how interconnected we all are to one another how we are all apart of a bigger picture and that our bodies are no more than a container for us to experience creation though, stating our bodies are not what define us. He goes on to say we all have no limits and that the skill to separate reality and fiction has kept us safe and practical. He claims we disguise our paths and decisions in life as practical when in reality they are made out of fear, he uses his father as an example saying his father could have made a great comedian yet made the conservative choice to be an accountant yet was let go from that job. His father getting fired taught him a valuable lesson, “you may fail at what you hate, so you might as well take a chance on what you love”. The doors open when you make the choice to take that risk it is not your job to figure out how it’s going to happen but you have to make the choice. He claims “life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you”. Jim carrey claims faith, risks and choices are the vehicles that you should use to overcome fear and to make the decisions that lead to fulfillment.

Person. Remarks of Bill Gates, Harvard Commencement 2007. Harvard Gazette, Harvard Gazette, 7 Mar. 2017, 

Bill Gates founder of Microsoft and Harvard dropout would give a speech at the college 30 years after he dropped out. He gave this speech to help motivate students to help discover new things and to help others using their education to bring less inequity to the world and to act. He uses emotion to further his point saying he left Harvard more intelligent yet was so oblivious and unaware of the inequity in the world and the disease in the world. This goes to show that yes you may have graduated college with a degree in a certain major yet college does not teach you about the inequality in the world as it left himself and many other students unaware. A difference can be made, especially with the new generation as he points out the access to advanced tools, software, and advanced sciences using logic to say that change is possible, even more so than now no matter what skeptics would like to have you believe. He motivates the graduating class and staff of Harvard to improve the lives of people around the world stating they are the cream of the crop intellectually and showing how he has tried to help with disease in nations across the world. Complexity is apart of the problem of inequity though he reassures them that they can find ways to maneuver around these complex problems and wants them to address the world’s problems and to be a solution to a much bigger problem than themselves.   

The Gettysburg Address,

The battle at Gettysburg, one of the biggest battles of the civil war saw Abraham Lincoln deliver a powerful speech that assured the soldiers that if they were to die there or not they helped fight for the freedom promised by america. 1776 is brought up by Lincoln when he mentions the founding of the United States a Country founded on the principles of liberty and the proposition that all men are created equal, he uses this to remind his men of their cause and to help encourage the nationalists who believe America’s founding documents are sacred and want to fight to prove it. He talks on the death of many soldiers that will inevitably happen during the battle to emotionally connect to his soldiers yet reminds them that they will not die in vain and that they will be remembered for their fight to change this nation. The speech will be forgotten he states but the battle that you men have fought valiantly in will be remembered he says, satiating the greed of some men who will be fighting for greed and not reform. “Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure.” He reaches out and put this weight on the shoulders of soldiers telling them that if they were to fail here today it would be a show of whether america would last as a nation united or would fall into nothing. 

We Shall Fight on the Beaches. The International Churchill Society, 13 Apr. 2017,

Winston Churchill, one of the greatest orators in the last 100 years and prime minister of Great Britain from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. He delivered a great many speeches that would help rally British citizens and help them fight back, such as his famous “We Shall Fight on the Beaches” speech at the House of Commons on June 4th, 1940 after the famous battle of Dunkirk. This retreat to Britain would be seen as a huge loss in the eyes of both French and British citizens and troops. He acknowledges the loss of 30,000+ men in his speech to impact his audience and to remind them that many soldiers did die and could not be saved. He goes on to state that they did not and will not die in vain by stating that the Royal Air Force inflicted heavy losses to the German air force of at least 4 to 1 and The navy brought home 335,000+ men using only 1,000 ships. He does reassure that this retreat cannot be counted as a victory due to losses in materials and men but even with these major losses he urges the people to not lose confidence in the British government, as prime minister he promises that the British parliament is doing all in their power to defend the British isles. Lastly he tells the people that no matter the adversity faced “we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender,”. With this statement he claims that action will be taken to stop this threat no matter the cost, He wants the people to rise up to the challenge and defend their nation and to never back down. 

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Love Poem

Hemingway, Ernest – Empty Spaces

People all over the world have their own way of expressing their love, be it text, phone call, love letters, face to face confession, love poems. The one that really captivates me the most is love poems. Writing a poem to the one you love is a sweet thing to do, and can show that you really care about that person enough to put words together to convey how you feel. A love poem that speaks out to me is by Hemingway, Ernest “Empty Spaces”, that he wrote for the woman he loves. Hemingway writes about “the empty spaces in your heart”, when people you care about leave you, it’s not the end of the world, your heart will just be empty until the right person comes along. Hemingway most likely wrote his love poems in his home and he wrote all his love poems to the women he loves. Hemingway had four wives and wrote all of them love letters/poems to express his love. The rhetorical appeals that the author uses is pathos. I say pathos because when it comes to love, it’s based on your emotions. Especially when he says “They’ll make you think it’s wrong, like having empty spaces, means that you can never be strong”. Hemingway means that there’s enough space to grow and people who care about you will come along and fill that hole. Hemingway wants his audience which is his wife to see that the people who leave you just aren’t meant to be in your life, but he won’t and is the right person to make you feel whole again. Just like every guy, he wants the woman he has feelings for to be happy and not empty around them.


Worth, Patience – Who Said Love Was Fire

Everyone has their own definition of love, whether it be an intense feeling of deep affection, pleasure, feel a romantic or sexual attachment to someone, love is fire, etc. According to Worth, Patience “Who Said Love Was Fire?”, She believes that love is ash. This might be confusing to most, but she does explain what she means by this. Patience believes “that love is ash. It is the thing which remains when the fire is spent.”, which are the moments that two people in love have/had with each other. These moments don’t suddenly disappear, they stay in your hearts forever. This poem was written more than 20 years ago and what Patience is saying makes sense to this day. Love can be fire, but what happens when that fire burns out? When that happens, do you go your separate ways and never speak to each other? No, you take those ashes, those important memories of each other and try to strengthen the bond you two have and relit the fire that you once had. This venue is a love poem which was probably written in Patience’s own home. The tone is very calm and casual. The rhetorical appeal that Patience uses is pathos because she explains how love isn’t fire which connects to everyone because we believe it is, she goes to explain how love is indeed ashes which keeps us thinking have our heart jump a beat wondering if she is correct. Patience wants her audience to see that we all have our own definitions of love, but when it comes down to it, love is the ashes that remain after the fire is burnt out and after it’s burnt out there’s always the chance that the fire can be relit.


Cummings, E.E. – I Carry Your Heart With Me

When talking about love, there’s always those who believe that we carry the hearts of those we love with us, and that is true for E.E. Cummings. According to E.E. Cummings poem “I Carry Your Heart With Me”, he explains how much one can love a person. That person can be your whole world, the deep profound love of that person, the kind of love that can keep the stars apart. Cummings says, “No fate (for you are my fate, my sweet) I want no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true).” This shows how much one can love their significant other, this kind of love can transcend the soul and mind. Cummings shows his deep love for his beloved. Wherever he goes he is always with his love and nothing can separate them. She is his whole universe and he can never live his life without her. Cummings even goes to say that she is the source of his living and is afraid of losing her. This poem is more than 20 years old and readers can still feel the strong love and connection he felt for his beloved. I believed that the venue of Cummings love poem is to his wife in his own home. The tone of the poem is very intense for he shows how much he loves his significant other. The rhetorical appeals Cummings uses is pathos because of the intensity of how he writes his poem, he writes about love and how it is eternal and gives him strength, how his love for his beloved cannot be measured. Cummings wants his audience to feel how he feels, that intense feeling of love, not he alone can feel that way, others too can feel the way he feels.


Shakespeare, William – Sonnet 116

Love isn’t something that is easily broken, love is the strongest force, strongest feeling a person can have. Yes it can bend, be beaten down, but love always prevails. William Shakespeare writes about his own definition of love in his “Sonnet 116.” Shakespeare says, “Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove.” Shakespeare is saying that love isn’t so weak as to changes when circumstances change, or bends when the lover is unfaithful, it’s stronger than that. Love isn’t something that can be calculated, it’s immeasurable, and love always prevails. The venue for his love poem can be either in his theatre where most of his plays takes place or his own home. The tone is very firm in explaining the meaning of what true love is, something that isn’t weak and so easily broken. The rhetorical appeal is pathos because it shows how love is in its most ideal from. Love is strong and can survive any crisis. Love isn’t something that can be measured and isn’t understandable, but we all know what love is and that it’s there when we find that special someone. Shakespeare wants his audience to see that  love isn’t so timid to be swayed by the changes in two people, or because someone was unfaithful, love is always there and can survive anything thrown at it.


Barrett  Browning, Elizabeth – How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

There are countless ways that people love, show their love. We each have different ways of showing our love, and those ways are based on the intensity of how much you love that person. There are loves that are small and casual and their are those that are so intense that they can reach the stars. Elizebeth Barrett is one of those who has that intense love. Elizebeth says in her love poem “How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways”, “I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.” Barrett wants to show how much she loves her significant other, the depth of that love which can transcend her soul. The venue for her love poem was probably her own home and she probably wrote it in remembrance of her late husband. The tone she uses in her poem is very intense which you can see by the amount of repetition she uses in her poem when she repeats “I love thee” six times followed by how much she loves her husband. The rhetorical appeal Barrett uses is pathos because her audience can feel how much she loves her husband, her extreme love for her husband. Barrett says, “If God chooses, I shall but love thee after death.” This shows that she loved her husband in life and now that he’s dead, she still loves him and will continue to do so when she too dies. Barrett wants her audience to see how much she loves her husband, her love is strong enough to transcend the love and she will continue to love him even after death.


Tagore, Rabindranath – Unending Love

Love is the strongest force in the universe and conquers all. Some believe that love can easily be broken, weak. Others believe that love is unending and beautiful. One who believes love is unending is Tagore, Rabindranath, where in his poem “Unending Love” he says “I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times… in Life after life, in age after age, forever.” Tagore is telling his beloved that he loves her in many ways and his love for her won’t wither and die away. No his love for his beloved will last forever, he has loved her in his previous life and will do so in his next and many more. The venue he Tagore wrote unending love is probably in his own home to his beloved, probably in the place where he has the most memories of her and their love. The tone of Tagore uses is intense, you can feel it when you read how he loved his beloved so much he believes that she’s his soul mate, his love in the previous life and the next. The rhetorical appeal Tagore uses is pathos as he conveys how much he loves his significant other, “We have played alongside millions of lovers , shared in the same shy sweetness of meeting, the same distressful tears of farewell – Old love but in shapes that renew and renew forever.” Tagore wants his audience which is his beloved to see that they have loved the same love as millions of people, shared the same type of experiences of love, and will keep loving her forever.


Dickinson, Emily – That I Did Always Love

Have you ever loved someone? Have you ever been loved? Do you know the feeling of love and know how it affects a person? Some people have one love, some have many. Of all the poems I’ve read Emily Dickinson has the most intense poem I’ve read so far. According to Dickinson’s poem “That I Did Always Love”, “That I did always love, I bring thee proof that till I loved, I never lived – Enough.” Dickinson wants her significant other to see that she has always loved and is writing this poem to show that before she loved she has never truly lived. The venue was probably in her own home where she wrote to her beloved that  her experience with love is what brought meaning to her life. The tone she uses is intense as you can see when she says “that till I loved, I never lived – Enough.” This shows that she loved her beloved so much that her love for him brought her to life. The rhetorical appeal Dickinson uses is pathos, which the audience can see when Dickinson says “That love is life — and life hath immortality.” Dickinson is saying that love is life and is forever, it doesn’t die. Dickinson wants her audience which is her significant other to see how much she loves him, he makes her alive and their love is forever.


Chaucer, Geoffrey – Rondel Of Merciless Beauty

Love is a strong and beautiful thing, some love lasts forever, but not all love is eternal. Sometimes when you love someone, you might love them with all your heart, but your significant other might have one foot in, one foot out, then that person leaves and breaks your heart. This is the case for Geoffrey Chaucer, however, his heart doesn’t break, he writes his beloved a poem to show how much he loves her beauty. In his poem “Rondel Of Merciless Beauty”, he says “Your two great eyes will slay me suddenly; their beauty shakes me who was once serene; straight through my heart the wound is quick and keen.” Chaucer wants his significant other to know that he loved the way her beautiful eyes once looked at him, so calm and peaceful. The venue is probably in his own home where he wrote this poem after his beloved left him. The tone is casual as he explains her merciless beauty. The rhetorical appeal Chaucer uses is pathos as you can see when he says “Only your word will heal the injury to my heart, while yet the wound is clean.” Chaucer is hurt that she left him and only she can heal him and make him feel better if she talks to him and takes him back. Chaucer wants his audience which is his significant other to see that she is the beauty is his life and it hurt him when she left, that he wants her to come back to him and heal the wound she left in his heart.

Hip hop

Introduction-Hip hop is one of my favorite genres of music. It’s been around for many years impacting society in many ways. There are all kinds of beats, rhythm , and lyrics. From jazz to pop to hip hop, the types of music people listen to and can have an impact on them. Hip hop has been promoting social and political awareness for the people of today.

Central idea- Rap music educated people from several different perspectives and raises many social issues. Rap helps people speak freely about their opinion or view on either political or social issues. And by speaking freely,  it causes teenagers today to become concerned and aware of the things these artist talk about. This is important because it helps bring positive change in society. Hip hop is just a naturally way for people to express themselves or to relate to.


Source#1-J.Cole (“Be free”)


Annotated-When I listen to hip hop I can feel the energy the artist bring. Either it can be sad, happy, sad and etc. For me hip hop music just calms me down and it’s just gets you in a vibe. I have 6 different artist that I like to listen to and each one of these artist has a song that I strongly like.One of my favorite hip hop artist is J Cole.Cole is an American rapper, mixtape producer and music producer.He is known as one of the very few artist to never miss platinum standard of recording industry association of America. The reason why I like JCole is because the way he tells stories in his songs you can just feel his energy. One good song I like from him is called “Be free”. He talks about the death of micheal brown who had got shot by a white police officer. So he wrote the songs about how he feels and people like me feel where he’s coming from and feel the way he feel.”All we wanna do is take the chains off,All we wanna do is be free” this verse from jcole persuades the audience that we we just wanna be free from cops killing us.And this is why I like his music because he just tell great stories with his lyrics. J.Cole influences his audience to follow their dream to become a better rapper or just to become successful in life and you can achieve anything.


Source #2 – Dave East (“Don’t shoot”)


Annotated-  Dave East  is never afraid to speak his mind especially on social and political issues. The thing I like about Dave East is that he says what feels and don’t care how people feel about a situation. Dave uses social media exactly for what it was intended for which is to connect with his fans and just being an influence to others. In his song “ Don’t shoot” he adjust his voice to tell an envolving story of police interactions from child to teenager to an adult. His encounters become increasingly more alarming and violent, until his last one marks the end of his life. “This attitude is programmed/ Imagine getting harassed for you whole life/ All day and the whole night/ They say prison is the new slave ship”. When he says this he basically mean that the  police  want us african Americans in jail and they doing anything they can to do just that which is mest up.



Source#3 – Joyner Locas (“I’m not a racist”)


Annotated- Joyner Lucas is one talented artist. To me his one of many people I look up to when it comes to creativity. His audience is influenced about him because he raps to inform you on certain topics. And in his music videos he tells creative stories that goes with his lyrics which sends his message towards us. Joyner Lucas made a song called “I’m not a racist”. In this song he talks about racism, police brutality, and politics. In his song he basically shows a African American and a Caucasian person talking to each other but with lyrics. He says “ we were all humans until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us ,and wealth classified us. In this part of the song he just basically stating what’s going on in the world based on these titles.


Source#4 –  Tupac (“changes”)


Annotated-  Tupac was one of the greats to ever rap in the industry. In his rap he talked a lot about society. No artist has had that effect on so many people as Tupac did. He gave the inner city kids a voice. He helped pushed rap popularity to the global scale. He influenced a society full of teenagers, adults, and children. He made his fans feel alive and important because he cared about each and everyone of them. I feel that Tupac was a brilliant artist who used his platform to inform his audience about the world we live in. In his song “changes” he talks about society and police brutality. In his songs he says” Come on come on I see no changes wake up in the morning and I ask myself Is life worth living should I blast myself? I’m tired of being poor and even worse I’m black My stomach hurts so I’m looking  for purse to snatch Cops give a damn about a negro Pull the trigger kill a ni**a he’s a hero”. This is powerful statement because this something that goes on in today’s society which is sad


Source#5- Meek mill (“what’s free”)


Annotated- Meek Mill has more than earned his spot as the most important artist. His contributions to the culture are not measured by the quantity of music releases but, by his humanitarian work regarding criminal justice reform and underrepresented youth. Meek mill influence us as his audience to stand up for ourselfs. I find him brave. The reason why I say this because he is one of the few many that doesn’t care what nobody thinks involving political things. He says how he feels and uses his platform to say so. He uses his platform continuing his fight for social justice, using his platform to advocate on behalf or marginalized groups and against police brutality. Meek mill lyrics in his songs has powerful messages behind them. One  of his songs called” what’s free?”One line in his song was”What’s free?Free is when nobody else could tell us what to be

Free is when the TV ain’t controllin”He want us to see the meaning behind “free” and he describes the meaning of freedom and what what it really means to be free in his understanding of the word “free” for us to understand in today’s society.



Source#6- Kendrick lamar (“Alright”)


Annotated- Kendrick Lamar is one of the most admired artist in the hip hop industry. Kendrick not only wants to make gray songs for his audience but he want us to learn from him through his music. In his songs he talks about what goes on in the world either being police brutality, racial profiling, slavery, and other important events going on in the world. His audience love him because he is a one of a kind type of artist who not only talks facts but we can all learn from him. He had made a song called “ Alright” talking about what goes on around in his neighborhood and in the world. It is one my favorite songs from him. Kendrick said “ we hurt people that love us/ love people that hurt us”. This makes me think about how I should treat people and how they should treat me. He taught me that I can succeed by working hard.


Conclusion- Hip hop music can touch on many topics such as politics and just about anything. Rap music has helped a lot of teens in many ways. It helped us find our ways out of difficult situations, using the lyrics to relate to our lives and finding a meaning in them. Those words help us understand the world and help us understand ourselves. It’s something for us to fall back on.

Short Stories

Chopin, Kate. The Story of an Hour. Perfection Learning, 2001.

This story documents the complicated reaction of Louise Mallard upon learning of her husband’s death. Set in the late nineteenth century, this story takes place in the Mallard residence. The historical setting of this story is significant to the theme regarding the oppressive status of married women. The tone of “The Story of an Hour” is ironic, people assumed that Mrs. Mallard would be sad after the passing of her husband, however, the ending of this story proved that instead she felt free. Louise Mallard shows a lot of character development when it comes to her emotions and how she feels; pathos is evident here. “She sat with her head thrown back upon the cushion of the chair, quite motionless, except when a sob came up into her throat and shook her, as a child who has cried itself to sleep continues to sob in its dreams.” Mrs. Mallard’s growing awareness of the freedom she will have without Brently Mallard, her husband, lurks until the very end of the story. A great turmoil fills Mrs.Mallard as she seems glad that her husband has died, but she still thinks of Brently’s “kind, tender hands”. 


Chopin, Kate. Desiree’s Baby . Perfection Learning, 2001.

In “Desiree’s Baby” Chopin explores southern racism and the widespread of hatred when it comes to the mixture of races. Set before the Civil War, this story is about a baby and a racial crisis between a husband and a wife. Armand is a wealthy Louisiana plantation owner, later when he’s burning Desiree’s things, he finds his mother’s letter, in which she thanks God for keeping her secret that Armand is part black. At times, the tone is ominous, hinting at the troubles that lie ahead. The author uses logos to appeal to the audience with reason, during the time of the civil war, America was fighting to abolish slavery. It makes sense that racism and xenophobia was still evident during this time, so much so that Armand’s biggest disgrace would be the showing of his black ancestry through his child. “Moreover he no longer loved her because of the unconscious injury she had brought upon his home and his name.” As a wealthy plantation owner, Armand feels the need to keep his appearance, he can’t bear to look at his own child but he isn’t aware of who’s at fault.


Henry, O. “The Skylight Room.” Short Stories and Classic Literature,

Hope is important. It is the thing that allows us to feel excitement and joy. It is the thing that allows us to move beyond the present moment. A young woman in the short story, ”The Skylight Room” by O. Henry, uses hope to light up the darkness in her life. This story can be described as a modern day fairy tale, set in the heart of the authors favorite city, New York. This heartwarming tale describes the dream come true romance of Miss Leeson, a poor working girl in New York that looks towards the light in darkness. The author uses epithets to describe the characters, for example, “…gave her the incredulous, pitying, sneering, icy stare…”, the epithets are used here to intensify the way she looked at the heroine. The author uses words like “stare” instead of “look”, this shows the emotional coloring; in other words, pathos. Another example of appealing to emotions is when the author says, “…full of tender, whimsical fancies…” this is used to show us the girl’s inner world brighter. 


Jacobs, W. W. “The Monkey’s Paw.” Short Stories and Classic Literature,

“The Monkey’s Paw” is a story about a mystical charm, a monkey’s paw that is brought into the home of the White family by Sergeant Major Morris, who has served in India.  The monkey’s paw has the ability to grant 3 wishes to 3 people. This story vividly illustrates the old saying of, “Be careful what you wish for.” It presents Mr. White, an ordinary person with a magical item and allows his own character traits (the desire to be free of debt) to destroy him. The monkey’s paw indeed grants his wishes, but they were never granted in the way he envisioned. Somewhere in England, this story takes place in the 1900’s, mainly inside and around the White family home. The author shows sympathy, with a hint of mischief towards his characters and the subject at play. Logos is used to appeal to the majority of the audience, this story vividly illustrates the old saying of, “Be careful what you wish for”, when Mr. White wishes what he does, he doesn’t think it through and this ultimately leads to more harm being done. ‘“with a look of alarm on his face, caught him by the arm. “If you must wish,” he said gruffly, “wish for something sensible.”’. The sergeant-major in a way tried to warn Mr.White by telling him to be smart and reasonable with what he’d wish for.


Maupassant, Guy de. The Necklace and Other Tales. Random House USA Inc, 2004.

In the short story “The Necklace” by Guy De Maupassant, it is evident that one of the central themes is appearance vs. reality. For Mathilde, one of the main characters, her necklace symbolizes wealth, beauty and eventually, shame as she goes into debt trying to replace the lost necklace. The irony in this story is that the necklace was artificial. This story takes place in Paris, France, the author uses currency in the form of francs and uses the titles monsieur and madame. The author seems detached from the characters but understanding of their situations. The tone in this story is the author’s attitude towards his subject. The use of logos is evident in this story as Maupassant tries to explain the power in being grateful, Mathilde had lived years in misery due to her wanting to live a more materialistic life. The author is trying to show the audience that we must be cautious of becoming too greedy otherwise, we may end up in a situation similar to Mathilde’s.


Poe, Edgar Allan. The Black Cat. Applewood Books, 2016.

In the short story “The Black Cat” by Edgar Allen Poe, love and hate are the two key themes. The narrator is very fond of his pets and wife until he grows irritable of them leading him to kill his black cat. Eventually, he finds another black cat which he also tried to kill but, instead he accidentally killed his wife. The narrator tries to hide the truth by walling up his wife’s body but, the voice of the black cat (trapped in the wall) helps bring him to justice. The event in this tale takes place at the narrator’s home, however, the recounting of these events takes place on a single day in the narrator’s prison cell. At times, this story is unwittingly ironic and irrelevant, at others, it is dark and mocking; the tone is variable. The use of pathos is evident all throughout the story, “with these I spent most of my time, and never was so happy when it came to feeding or caressing them” (Poe, 12). The narrator is a textbook definition of a psychopath, he offers insight on what the inner workings of a psychopath are. There are many emotions at play here especially when you take into account that the narrator writes his story before being hung for the murder of his wife.  


Hip Hop


History of Hip Hop music by:Matt Errey, English club N.D


The general of the text I read is about Hip Hop, in the text the author tells about how the Hip Hop music was founded, in this text we can see the writer uses many ethos in it, because Hip Hop music is a culture, he also separate Hip Hop into two different categories, the old school and new school, the writer also post some the the popular song to show people the culture of Hip Hop, the tone that the author used is fun.

The purpose that the author wrote this text because he wants to share this culture with people, and let people who like this culture learn the history of it, as the author said “It was created in the poorest districts of New York City by African American and Latino teenagers as part of a hip hop scene that also produced breakdancing and graffiti art.” we can see that the author is trying to spread this culture, because this is very fun to share with people;e, and we can see that the author really like Hip Hop music a lot.


Jackson Wang 2019 Breaks Down His Debut Album ‘Mirrors’: Exclusive by:Tamar Herman 2019

In this text, the author talks about one of the most famous rappers in Asia, Jackson Wang, the author tells Jacksons story, Tamar Herman 2019 “It’s been a few years now since GOT7’s Jackson Wang began releasing his solo music in 2016, first with a handful of Chinese singles and then, increasingly, music in English”, this shows that the author is trying to introduce this rapper to people, and why is he famous.

The author use logos such as some of the song from Jackson, he believes that Jackson is a good rapper, the tone of the text is exited, we can see the author trying to introduce to people about this rapper, and shows people that he is a good rapper and very well known, the way he writes this is that the author wrote it like a new, and he is like a news reporter.


The Kanye story by: Harry Dry, Kanye story N.D


In this text the author uses a lot of logos, he uses many pictures of Kanye West, the author is one of Kanye West’s fans, Harry Dry “Brexit Dating, Harry Potter Dating, Kanye West Dating. Yes Kanye West, I’m a fan.” this shows that the author was Kanye’s fan, the way he uses for his writing is autobiography, we can see that the author is telling the story between him and Kanye.

The message that the author is trying to spread is the story about Kanye, Kanye is one of the very well known rappers, and the reason why he is famous, the tone of the text is happy, we can see that he uses the picture that Kanye post, and it some time look like a fiction story.


Papillion By: Jackson Wang 2017


This is the song by Jackson Wang, in the music video, the tone is brave, Jackson Wang “Money and fame / Don’t define me, Ain’t nobody give a XXXX ’bout a rule that’s what I do, The system is the problem It made a new me Kingdom of freedom / now I’m run by me” this shows that in his video jackson is very offident about himself, we can see jackson is very brave and powerful, in the music video, Jackson also trying to spread his Chinese culture, and we can also see that Jackson is enjoying the culture of hip hop, this also shows how rappers are confident, this is a culture, where people are always trying to express their self.


Hip Hop Music and cultural movement By:Greg Taste and Alan Light, britannica 2019


The author in this text tells about how the culture of hip hop began, he also writes this text like an article, author separate rap into two different age, the old school and new school, the author use Ethos, pathos and logos, which he tells the ago how old school began and how new school music rise, he showed some pictures about some famous rapper in history, he also post the link of the music video of rap songs.

The text shows the author trying to spread this culture to other people, he thinks that hip hop is the most famous and the best jenrette tone he uses is very serious, we can see that the author really want to spread this to people, and he is enjoying this culture.


Greatest year in Hip-Hop history, Christopher pierznick, medium 2018


In this text the author tells about the best year in hip hop history, he writes this like an article, the author shows people all the year that has change in hip hop, and he write comparison between two different time period of hip hop, from where it begins to present, the tone the author uses in his writing is serious, we can see that the author is trying to make it like a lesson, and he wants the reader to better know about hip hop, and start to like hip hop.

Short Stories. (Annotated Bibliography)

Elijah Thomas


Remember growing up and reading books that only had 12 pages and filled with a lot of pictures. Remember going to  see plays and films based off of these stories, such as Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Sleeping beauty. What all of these stories have together is that they are all Short Stories. Short stories provide a message or meaning that is indirectly given to the audience, whether it is about morals, or lessons that should be taught. There are multiple short stories that provide messages that are indirectly given to the audience such as, “Little Red Riding Hood” by Charles Perrault, “One Day At Horrorland” by R.L.Stine, “Sirens” from the Odyssey which was created by Homer, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” by Aesop, “Lotus Eaters,” and “Charybdis and Scylla” which are both from The Odyssey.


Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Other Classic Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault. New York: Penguin Books, 2008. Print.


In the short story, “Little Red Riding Hood” Little Red Riding hood was sent by her mother to give some goodies to her grandmother and on her way to her grandmother’s house, she stopped to take a rest. While she was resting a wolf came disguised as a dog and asked where she was going. She told the wolf she was going to her grandmother’s house and on her way to the house the wolf beat her there and tried to personate as the grandma so that he can eat Little Red Riding Hood. Charles implemented this short story with a message behind it that children and women should be wary for their surroundings and not talk to strangers.


R.L Stine, One Day at HorrorLand , R.L Stine, February 1994.

In the short story “One Day at Horror land” while lost The Morris family and clay found an amusement park called horror land and once they parked their car and go out, the car exploded and they were stuck at the amusement park which had monsters, ghouls and zombies. The family thought it was just a scary amusement park but then later realized that this park was the real deal. R.L.Stine used horror to convey to his audience and used a lot of imagery to create the message of understanding your surroundings to notice when something isn’t going in the right direction.


Homer,  and Robert Fitzgerald. The Odyssey. New York: Vintage Books, 1990. Print.

In the short story “Sirens” Odysseus (The main character from The Odyssey) sailed through a sea full of monsters to reach Ithaca and the first set of monsters the crew had to come across was the Sirens. The sirens would sing to the men to make them jump overboard so they could eat them. Odysseus wanted to listen to the sirens so he had his crew tie him up while they sailed with wax in their ears. The sirens represented desires that men cant have, desires that will make them go crazy and not think before acting. Homer wanted to persuade people that even though this is Greek mythology, that “Sirens” can be related in the real world and one example of this is Money, because people’s actions change and don’t think when money is on the line.


Aesop, The Boy Who Cried Wolf. 1867. 

Barnett, Carol. The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Lincolnwood, Ill.: Passport Books, 1990.

In the short story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” the shepherd boy lies about seeing a wolf to gain the attention of the villagers, after tricking the villagers multiple times the villagers stop coming out because he called out a wolf. But this one time a wolf actually came and he called out no one came. Aesop uses this to create a message that the more you mess up your credibility the less people trust you which in the end matters.


Homer,  and Robert Fitzgerald. The Odyssey. New York: Vintage Books, 1990. Print.

In the short story, “Lotus Eaters” while Odysseus sailed through the sea to reach Ithaca, Zeus sends a storm that sweeps them for 9 days before it brings them to the island of  the lotus eaters. On this island the natives went to Odysseus’s men and tricked them into eating the lotus which as soon as they ate the lotus they lost all memory and thoughts of going home. The only thought process in their brain is to stay on the island and eat more lotus fruits. The men who ate the lotus fruit were then tied on the boat so that they wouldn’t stay on the island and eat lotus. Homer creates a message of “curiosity killed the cat,” by introducing the men to lotus flowers and since they were so curious on what it was they ended up being tricked to stay on the island and ultimately forgetting on going home.


Homer,  and Robert Fitzgerald. The Odyssey. New York: Vintage Books, 1990. Print.

In the short story, “Charybdis and Scylla” after passing the siren island, Odysseus ended up confronting another pair of monster(s) which went by the name of Charybdis and Scylla. Scylla is a six headed monster who eats one sailor for each head, and Charybdis is a massive whirlpool that can potentially swallow a whole ship killing everyone on the ship. Odysseus listens to Circe’s instructions on how to pass Charybdis and Scylla by holding course tight against the cliffs of Scylla’s lair but avoiding Charybdis. While doing this Scylla ended up swallowing 6 sailors. Homer implemented this story to create a message of “choosing the lesser of two evils.” Which means when one is represented with two horrible choices but goes with the one which would have a lesser of a consequence than the other choice.

Almost every short story created was made with a purpose which is to create a message or meaning that can be indirectly or directly given to the audience/readers. Majority of the well known short stories were created a long time ago which are still used to this day because they message was meaningful and can be related to. Short stories can also be a place that expresses imagination like none other, but in general short stories are known for their messages.

True Crime

Arlyn Perez

English 1101

Hauck, Grace. “4 Homeless Men Were Beaten to Death in Manhattan While They Were Sleeping, Police Say.” USA Today, Gannett Satellite Information Network, 5 Oct. 2019

In this article, Grace Hauck argues that the homeless deserve the righteousness and protection that a home assures. “All five victims were men who suffered trauma to the head, police said. They appeared to have been sleeping when the attack happened just before 2 a.m. in the Chinatown area.” The victims were not harming or bothering anyone, they were simply doing what every other person does, resting for the night but were targeted at random. This shows that people, who are not homeless, do not care to consider the safety of homeless people and what could possibly happen to them. “Researchers say homelessness in the city has increased in recent years, driven primarily by the lack of affordable housing.” People have assumptions and judgments about homeless people throwing their life away and not caring about themselves but there’s also more to the story. In this detail it points out that people aren’t able to afford a home and as a result become homeless. Hauck wants to emphasize that homeless people need safety as well because a crime was committed for no reason.

Holcombe, Madeline, and Joe Sutton. “A 7-Year-Old Is in Critical Condition after Being Shot While Trick-or-Treating with Her Family.” CNN, Cable News Network, 1 Nov. 2019

In this case, a little girl who was only seven years old had been shot on Halloween evening and is now left in critical condition. The authors, Madeline Holcombe and Joe Sutton argue that you should take extra precautions when celebrating any type of holiday. “This is unacceptable. It’s a 7-year-old girl that’s trick-or-treating with her family out here and happens to get shot because a group of guys want to shoot at another male while there is a street full of kids trick-or-treating,” Alioto said.”Despite the fact that the little girl and her family were having a fun outing to celebrate Halloween, it is important to be aware of the surroundings and check to see if the neighborhood is safe for children at night. No one expected this to occur when it was a family outing to go trick-or-treating but many strange or horrendous things could happen during a holiday. In previous instances, Halloween candy had been rigged with drugs so it became important for parents to check any candy that looked suspicious in their kids candy pile.

Karanth, Sanjana. “Officers Arrest Texas Student For Bringing a Loaded Gun To Middle School.” HuffPost, HuffPost, 10 Oct. 2019

In this article, Sanjana Karanth argues that the incident at a San Antonio middle school demonstrates the state’s youth gun violence problem. “Almost 200,000 children in Texas live in homes with unlocked, loaded guns, the Brady Campaign reported.” This is a very serious problem because kids have access to these guns and are capable of doing anything once they possess it. They could accidentally fire at themselves or anyone around them and could seriously get hurt, any kids with suicidal problems find their easy escape or kids dealing with issues could potentially go on a shooting rampage. “Data from gun violence prevention group Everytown for Gun Safety shows that Texas had 25 unintentional shootings involving children who found a loaded firearm last year.” Sanjana makes a point by providing the data to show this is a serious issue and should not be pushed to the side. She wants to put it out there that any child who has access to these unloaded guns in their homes could carry out a horrendous crime putting themselves and others in danger. It needs to be stopped and become more stricter. 

Nolasco, Stephanie. “Florida Man’s Former Escort Wife Tried Hiring a Hit Man: ‘I Was Praying It Wasn’t Her’.” Fox News, FOX News Network, 2 Oct. 2019

A woman named Dalia Dippolito was attempting to hire a hitman to murder her husband Mike Dippolito. When they first met everything seemed perfectly fine, Mike genuinely thought they were happy but made the mistake of getting married too fast. Mike in the past has been involved in previous crimes, pleading guilty to charges of organized fraud and unlicensed telemarketing but was already making up for it and to be on a clean slate. Stephanie Nolasco states that people cannot be vulnerable and trust the people around us all the time because occurrences like this case could happen to anyone. “According to police records, Dalia was planting drugs in Dippolito’s car in a failed attempt to get his probation revoked, the outlet shared. Then, detectives said, she tried to have Dippolito killed.” Looking at this detail in the case, demonstrated that Mike’s wife, Dalia, was attempting anything she possibly could to get her husband arrested. “Dalia wound up meeting a hitman – who actually was an undercover cop – and insisted she was “like 5,000 percent sure” she wanted Dippolito gone for good.” Regardless of who the person is in our life, we should always be aware that there’s always more to a person than what they choose to show to the world. This writer wants to emphasize that we should be aware of our surroundings.


Waxman, Olivia B. “Charles Manson’s Own Story of Why the Manson Family Killed.” Time, Time, 26 July 2019

Charles Manson was an American criminal and cult leader who led and formed a group known as the Manson family. Manson was a man who wanted things to go his way and if they didn’t, that is when the Manson family started with the murders. In this article the author Olivia B. Waxman was able to captivate the tone of the last interview Manson had, and argues that it is important to get the truth out. Manson told his side of the story that was not portrayed by the news or media in his last interview. “There’s this whole underlying story people don’t know, says Day, who, 50 years later, hopes to set the record straight…this story starts instead with a botched drug deal that took place July 1.” History tends to twist the truth as it is told from time to time. But by conducting this interview with Manson details could be revealed that will help the public understand his motivations and the big question of why?  “Manson had ordered the murders, which was also the timeline that came out in the trial, Manson’s own version was that his followers orchestrated the whole thing, and he was only involved in a passive way.” Waxman wants to emphasize that, although Manson was an evil man who committed crimes with his “family” it is important to get all sides of a story, to finally know the truth and reasonings behind things.

Yang, Allie, and Sean Dooley. “Investigators in ‘Slender Man’ Case Discuss Chilling Interviews with 12-Year-Old Attempted Murderers.” ABC News, ABC News Network, 23 Oct. 2019

Two girls from Wisconsin named Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier carried out a plan to murder one of their best friends, Payton Leutner, in the name of “Slender Man”, who is a fictional character created from a website (Creepypasta). The authors, Allie Yang and Sean Dooley, point is to ensure parents are monitoring what their kids lookup online and separating the truth from lies. These two girls had an obsession with this fictional character and truly thought that “Slender Man” would come after them if they didn’t give him a sacrifice. “Anissa said that Slender Man strangles his victims with tendrils protruding from his back and that he targets children “the most,” according to what she learned on the website.” This shows that although the story of this fictional character was made up, she believed everything because it was put up online. Both girls were terrified. “I was really scared, knowing that Slender could easily kill my whole family in three seconds, Anissa added.” These girls felt the need to carry out this murder to protect themselves and their loved ones, so out of fear they did it. But, thankfully the victim Payton Leutner survived this horrendous attack. These details reveal that parents should monitor what their children are searching for online for their own safety. No one expected two young girls to thoroughly plan this crime and actually commit it. 


fairy tales

Cesar cordero 

English 1101

Fairy tales 

Tatar, Maria.  The Annotated Brothers Grimm.  New York: W.W. Norton and Company,Inc, 2004.  Print

The Annotated Brothers Grimm is actually a rare example of a complete and relevant title-this work is a collection of Fairy Tales collected by the Brothers Grimm,kept in their (at least mostly) original form instead of attempting to modernize them.  For instance, in the story of Little Red Riding Hood, the girl is naïve and is eaten by the wolf, then released when the huntsman takes scissors and slices the wolf’s belly open, filling it with stones. Each of the stories has a number of annotations, numbered according to the quality of the tale, which details differences in portrayals, and potential meanings behind these variations.  An excellent start to the study of Fairy Tales, as they are the rough originals.

Klima, John.  Happily Ever After.  New York City: Night Shade Books, 2011.  Print.

Happily Ever After is a collection of retold Fairy Tales, including story form (such as My Life as  Bird by Charles de Lint, He Dies that Day, In Thirty Years by Will McCarthy, and The Rose Garden by Michelle West), and a dramatic script (in Gregory Maguire’s “The Seven Stage Comeback,” a 1 Act play with 6 Scenes).  Included before each story is a brief annotation about the authors in question, which grants minor details about prior works (such as Gregory Maguire’s work on the book Wicked, now a Broadway Musical, which details the life and times of Elphaba, better known as the Wicked Witch of the West).  A good read for fun, and an excellent record of modernized Fairy Tales.

Nayar, Pramod K.  “The Sense of Horror; Angela Carter’s ‘The Bloody Chamber’”.  Notes on Contemporary Literature 38.1 (2008): 4.  Students Resources in Context.  Web.

This is an article written by a professor employed at the University of Hyderabad in India focusing on The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter.  This is an excellent example of academic essays written on the subject, as well as the simple scope of distance that the structure of Fairy Tales has spread, despite the “traditional stomping grounds” of Europe that claim this structure.  In these, he writes on the stimulation of horror, or fear, that is created, “not by appealing to the reader’s intellect by rather by stimulating bodily sensations in terms of colour, temperature, and haptic (sense of touch) conditions.” It is an examination in detail of that horror, and of the exact effects upon the reader.  This is an excellent source when searching for the direct form of influence between reader and book in modern Fairy Tales.

Talor, Patricia R.  “Criminal Appropriations of Shakespeare in Jasper Fforde’s Something Rotten.”  College Literature 37.4 (fall 2010): pg 23.  Print.

This is a critical essay written on the subject of a book written by Jasper Fforde entitled Something Rotten, which is a parody of Shakespeare’s work.  Fforde writes many parodies, with examples listed in the text (including The Eyre Affairin 2001, Lost in a Good Book in 2002, The Well of Lost Plots in 2003, Something Rotten in 2004, and First Among Sequels in 2007); these books employ many of Shakespeare’s characters in appropriation in ‘displays of destructive power; for example police incarcerate actors for poorly performing Twelfth Night…’  This essay argues that violent appropriations can be constructive rather than oppressive.  A reliable source for the journal in which it appears, which is the triennially published College Literature Journal, though this essay can also serve in the act of examining differences of perspectives regarding venerable Shakespeare, and the comedic side of Fairy Tales in remembering one thing-many such tales were written as counterpoints to major or venerated subjects.

Hume, Kathryn.  “Voice in Kathy Acker’s Fiction” Contemporary Literature.  Volume 42 issue 3 (2001) pages 485-513.  Print.

This is an article describing the use of voice in the fiction of Kathy Acker, voice being defined as “a combination of verbal flavor, attitude, and subject matter designed to display the attitude and encourage it in readers.  Voice in this sense resembles the orchestration and preferred tonalities that lets one identify a couple measures of Tchaikovsky from the Russian intervals…The voice in Acker’s fiction is similarly individual to her, and paying attention to it helps uncover her assumptions about character and understanding what she is reacting against.”  This article is meticulously detailed, and as such is a solid source for the identification of individual styles, an integral part of understanding Fairy Tales and fiction, which Kathy Acker writes. Cashdan, Sheldon.                                                                                                            

The Witch Must Die:  The Hidden Meaning of Fairy Tales.  New York City: BasicBooks, 2000.  Print.

This book was written by a professional psychologist, as an in-depth examination of the “classic” mentality of the most prominent audience of fairy tales- children.  As such, it has many parts that have reference to the psychology of children, and the application of these stories to those children. It is worth noting, though, that Cashdan did commit one failure-the assumption that these tales were always meant for children, which did not happen until roughly the Victorian Age, several hundred years after their creation.  The originals were folk and morality tales enhanced by the upper class and collected by scholars for that upper class, and as such one must remember this pitfall. That aside, it is a good look at the formulaic mindset behind their examination- apply story X to child Y for condition Z and the child is fixed, which has some merits, though it is not the be-all and end-all of the stories.

Tatar, Maria.  The Grimm Reader: The Classic Tales of the Brothers Grimm.  New York: W.W. Norton and Company,Inc, 2004.  Print

This is a book written by the chair of the Program in Folklore and Mythology at Harvard University, and as such is as close to a scholastic source as you will get to the ideals.  This book has in it annotations and a preface to provide readers with the historical and cultural context to understand what these stores meant and their contemporary resonance. The book includes some of the more famous stories in world literature, such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and other stories less known, such as The Seven Ravens

Maguire,Gregory.  Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West.  New York City: Harper Collins, 1995.  Print.

Wicked, written by Gregory Maguire, is a good example of another phenomenon regarding Fairy Tales.  Normally, Fairy Tales are read as short bedtime stories, ending in less than 10 pages, but since the books have become popular and public libraries almost common in cities, the tales have been lengthened to become true novels.  Wicked focuses on the life of Elphaba, known to the world at large as the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz (which by itself is a wonderfully structured Fairy Tale), and in particular it is an examination of that society through the eyes of a cynic, providing the views of realism to such a story.  For example, in the beginning of the book, when Elphaba is born, people react with revulsion and shock to her skin color, despite the relative oddity (to the reader in the real world) of having talking animals.  A good look at the effects of reality in Fairy Tales, and the lengthening of those stories.