education should be a right

Knowledge is an aspect of life everyone should have the freedom to pursue and all should be able to attain knowledge through the use of educational institutes, programs, and libraries. The access to education should never be taken away.


Education is a right



Venue: United Nations General Assembly


          The access to education should be a right that all Children, men and women should be able to take advantage of. Though this is my belief and the belief of many others, The situation we have here today is a display of the opposite, where more than 72 million children in the world who are at primary school age aren’t enrolled and approximately 759 million adults are classed as illiterate. People drone on about how we are in the “age of information” and how any information we need is at our fingertips though they forget to include those whose access to information is limited or next to none. Education should not be a privilege given to those only in first world countries but something every country employs to educate their youth those considered the future of every country. Education is directly linked to many aspects of quality of life such as health, technology, and employment. Third world countries are afflicted with significantly higher rates of disease due to the fact that the populace of these nations are denied education on topics such as hygiene that would seem common knowledge to any individual from a first world country. Technology that helps fight off diseases and helps production in these countries are almost non existent because the public is denied access to the resources their country has in abundance and don’t have the knowledge to use them. Most citizens of  third world countries are denied the opportunity for a good job and wages that keep them out of poverty due to almost all men having the same level of education or lack thereof and women either receiving worse or no formal education at all keeping unemployment at a high rate in a majority of these countries. Ultimately the lack of education leads to High crime rates, Corruption, disease and poverty and can all be resolved by the addition of formal/free education. Education as a whole can be improved in all countries yet widespread access to some form of education or knowledge should be of utmost importance for most if not all countries on this globe we all inhabit together. Right after Climate change I truly believe the UN should focus on improving education in countries that have almost no form of institution to help increase global IQ and bringing unity in the world through the connection of knowledge. UNICEF is hard at work trying to bring some form of access to education to children in need and do a great job though we want to know just how we can help how can the public of both first world and third world countries help tackle this issue?




The Washington Post 

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Dear editor


      Children are being kept in the slums and poverty yet no one is reporting it. This is the product of what happens to children that aren’t given tools or more importantly education to learn a multitude of subjects that may help them advance theirs and their families position in life. How sad is it when a family of two adults and three children live a life where none of them know how to read and write. This may have been the case many generations ago where only royalty were taught to read and write but it should not be the case now in 2019 all children should be able to go to school to soak up as much knowledge as they can and frankly it is abhorrent that education is taken away by corrupt governments who want to keep the public ignorant of certain conspiracies or certain plots going on underfoot. Millions of children old enough to be in primary school are not enrolled due to many factors and even more millions of adults are considered illiterate and this is problematic that in the 21st century children and adults alike are being refused an education which is why i believe all children should have access to some sort of education. The importance of education is usually understated due to all if not most children in first world countries being required to be in some form of school at certain ages in their life so we tend to take the prospect of education or school for granted yet we never stop to think just how bad the lack of education in a country is. A lack of education can lead to bad hygiene, high STD rates, lack of infrastructure, and no systems in place such as laws or even basic sewer systems. This is a sort of life only seen during the dark ages where the previous generations and societies were so sophisticated yet future generations regressed so far that the common practice of reading was lost and they lead simple lives and were taken advantage of. There is no reason to keep the population of a country ignorant or uneducated unless you want to take advantage of them which i refuse to believe is the only problem standing in the way of building educational institutions in countries that need them due to this being a very corrupt and evil reason to keep the masses unschooled. The world is changing with problems we all as humans have to face and I believe all hands need to be on deck or we are doomed so educating the population of the planet is critical.



Luis  Vasquez




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